How to Overcome Stress

Steps for overcoming mental stress and physical stress.

“I am so stressed !!” How many times a day do you utter these words? Twice? Thrice? Or more than five? If yes, then you should stop to think over it a little more than you generally do. You are not the only one in the world who is working and trying hard to strike a balance between professional and personal life. There are many more. How are they coping with stress? There is no straight-forward answer to this question. No-one can give you a thumb rule to cope with stress. But there are few tips and techniques which can help you deal with a stressful situation and react appropriately. If you are one of those stressful folks then read on.

Long back I had read a story which describes stress beautifully. A teacher once entered to his class with a glass full of water. He then told his students that today he is going to demonstrate something. He called one of his students and asked him to lift the glass. When done, he asked that student if the glass is feeling heavy. The student answered “NO”. Then the teacher asked, if you continue to hold the glass for one hour what will happen? The student answered “My hand will start aching!”. “Correct, but why?”, asked the teacher, “the amount of water will not change in one hour, then why on earth will you hand ache?” The whole class was silent. The teacher then explained, “Simply because you are holding it for a long time! Exactly for the same reason we get stressed! We hold things for longer than necessary. We should let it go and relax and things would turn out to be fine.”

Here are few useful tips to handle stress and continue your job.

  • You are in office and you have to submit some important documents which you are working on to your boss within a couple of hours. At the same time, you have to pick up your kid from school. A very stressful situation! You need to prioritize things! This is a very important step towards handling stress. Once you prioritize your stuff, solution will come out automatically. If your priority is your kid, then you can get a backup for an hour in office who could continue working on the document till you come back after dropping your kid at home. Else if you need to continue working in office you can contact one of your kid’s friends’ parents and ask for their favor explaining your difficult situation.
  • Do not keep things to be done later. If you have the habit of pushing things to do later, that will never be done and after some time you will discover yourself amidst a pile of stuff to be finished within a very short period of time. If you know that something has to be done, but you still have time for that, it is better to finish that early unless you have any other priority work.
  • Try exercising deep breathes. It will help ease your mind and with some fresh oxygen, it would be easier for you to think in a better and efficient way.
  • Talk it out! Sharing your stress with your friends or with anyone whom you trust can help you understand the situation better and you may get a different perspective from the other person. Who knows, you may even get a better solution which you yourself have never thought of!
  • Learn to take risk. Sometimes things don’t change if we do not act. We keep on thinking about what will happen if we do this and that. But remember that nothing will happen if you do not do anything other than you being more stressed out. Be your own judge about the pros and cons of the situations and think what you will gain if you act, not what you will lose!
  • Indulge in something you love to do, for example, go for a spa treatment, take a bubble bath or go for a freaky shopping. This will help you cool your mind and take a break from the stressful situation. Once you come back to it, you will be able to think and act over it in a more efficient way.

These are not hard and fast rules for handling stress. But if you follow these, you will definitely be benefited.

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