How to Say Good-bye to a Therapist

Saying goodbye to a loyal, trusting therapist.

When we become mentally distress we are usually given guidance ands support, mainly coming from therapists. But when we are in better mental health the time must come to say our good byes to these people who have been such a inspiration, loyal and important at a time when we are in such distress that no one else but they are able to understand.

As the relationship between you has developed over time it may seem extremely difficult but there are things that you can do to make the good bye a lot easier.

  • Talk to your therapist about how you feel about saying good bye
  • Talk to them, telling them how they have helped you
  • Plan something positive for your last session together
  • The therapist will help you to say good-bye if you find it difficult
  • Look at it in a way of saying good-bye to your illness

At times this will be as equally difficult for the therapist as well as yourself. So it’s a two way comfort reaction. Like best friends saying good-bye.

Saying good-bye to anyone is difficult to begin with but in time it does get better.

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