How to Tell If Your Husband is Passive Aggressive

How to tell if your husband is passive aggressive.

If you are married to someone who is passive aggressive, you may be spending a good portion of your time in confusion and bewilderment. There are some people who won’t even realize that they are married to someone who is passive aggressive for a couple of reasons. First, it is often difficult to tell what a passive aggressive person is really doing and/or saying and what the intent is. Second, there are people who don’t even really know what a passive aggressive person is.

According to, one of the definitions of passive aggressive is, “Pertaining to behavior in which feelings of aggression are expressed in passive ways as, for example, by stubbornness, sullenness, procrastination, or intentional inefficiency.” If you have a passive aggressive husband, this definition may be very helpful for you to understand some of the behavior traits that you may be seeing and experiencing in your relationship.

Passive aggressive behavior is not healthy in any relationship, but in a marriage, it can become especially difficult to cope with. There is far too much confusion and the lack of communication is destructive to a relationship that should be very intimate and close. The passive aggressive husband will often be a professional at handing out veiled insults that are said in a way that almost sound like a compliment, but there’s something placed in the statement that turns it into an insult when you really think about it.

The passive aggressive husband is often not big on talking about much at all, probably due to their lack of healthy communication skills. When they do speak, you are never quite sure what they’re saying. Is it sarcasm or is it serious? Is it what they really mean or are they trying to tell you something else entirely? If this sounds like familiar marital territory to you, you may very well be married to a man who is passive aggressive.

The lack of healthy communication, added to the veiled insults or comments that you really don’t understand, is extremely difficult on a marriage. It can destroy the marriage and/or your self-esteem to be married to a passive aggressive husband. However, this is not a behavior trait that cannot be repaired. Marital counseling can help you and your spouse to learn to communicate in different ways that are healthier and can lead you to a happier marriage together.

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