Hysterisis – a Delayed Reaction in Metallurgy, What Does It Mean in Psychology

The official definition of hysterisis is providing a sturdy object with way too much stress, such that it gets to the point of collapse.

Presently, there is yet another debate as to the existence of hysterisis, as far as the human condition is concerned. Excuse me for using the word hysterisis to describe something that might be a resultant physiological condition caused by too much trauma.

Apparently, Wikipedia admits that hysterisis is indeed a word, although, my definition of a physical trauma caused solely by massive time and space of verbal abuse or emotional abuse, is neither significant nor an explanation from someone with clout, therefore has been blown off like so much dust from the World Trade Center or the Army wing of the Pentagon.

Pardon me for going off on a rant, stating in an oblique way that some of these individuals might be traumatized from events that happened a decade ago, and might have snapped a bit when pushed forward further towards their former capacity load after suffering physiological damage and psychological stresses, neither being re-evaluated by a competent industrial psychologist, nor given less of a workload.

Perhaps someday I will be vindicated for the mere suggestion among these pilgrims of the land of the free and the home of the brave that people might snap like skyscrapers do after being attacked at a terrorist level of scabbardry. Hysterisis was not proposed by Freud, Adler, or Jung, or Kübler-Ross, so it just might not exist according to the American Psychological Association’s blue book of criminal psychology accusations.

For $38.50, one might write the research team at the University of Heidelberg, if one knows German, or the University of Nottingham, and enclose a check for $50 for a response by world-class authorities, regarding the matter of hysterisis. For three cents, I’m not going to go through 1000 listings on the internet anymore. In fact, I’m not going to do this for free anymore. If my word isn’t good enough, look it up yourself, please.

Thank you, have a nice day. Yes, it takes hypothalmus damage to be this cold, or be insufferable due to depersonalization disorder which is the next step after hysterisis, if the spokes do not ameliorate behavior and continue to attack their hub. Being apparently emotionless is not the same as being objective is about this is. Someone with hysterisis is burdened with too much stress, and just needs time and space to process stressors, to detox from stress, as well as empathetic people who are able to cope with other people’s crisis situations, from a safe distance.

I forgot that many people who are psychological practioners have already had an emotional implosion to the level of depersonalization disorder here in the United States. Those who have not yet reinvented the self are not yet the psychologist are all too often not interested in being informed that there are ways of preventing psychological collapse in people. Having been unmotivated for the most part, these professionals are now just interested in paying their own bills.  I’m just trying to reach the best students here, though. Thank you for caring to attempt to help out someone prior to a major malfunction happening. Good luck working together as a team in order so to accomplish this task.

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