I Feel Anxious Without Knowing Why

"I am anxious and I do not understand why." Anxiety is often an obvious cause, such as a review, a family concern, money or health?But sometimes it seems to fall on you for no apparent reason. And it is destabilizing. How to find the cause of this anxiety, to find the solution.

The origin of anxiety

As the mind and body are one, physical discomfort is often expressed anxiety. So start to take stock.

Do you sleep enough? Or do you lack of sleep? A tendency not to give enough room to sleep in your life can help maintain or trigger anxiety. You may not be aware or may not make the connection between these two evidences. In this case, force yourself to go to bed earlier.

If you are a woman, are you a few days before your period? Because these days have a hormonal balance that can be expressed by a particular anxiety. If this happens, a course of vitamin B can change your mood.

Get enough exercise? Your body needs a minimum expenditure of energy and to eliminate the inevitable tensions of life. If you let them accumulate, there comes a time when it is expressed as a psychic tension.

Do you eat enough? When you’re hungry, we are in a bad mood. If you have children, you have already noticed! Well, it is the same for adults. As we mature, we endure. But there is a feeling of discomfort at that time. If your meals are very irregular, does not meet your physiological needs, perhaps you grow your anxiety without realizing it.

Do you eat balanced? To function properly, your brain needs a quality food. If you eat anything, no matter how lacking in vitamins, your neurons do what they can, without giving the best of themselves.

Do you smoke tobacco or hashish? If so, be aware that these practices greatly increase the anxiety and depression disorders.Stop is the best solution if you are motivated.

Do you drink more than 2 or 3 glasses of alcohol a day? If so, your body needs a vitamin supplement to work best. Indeed, alcohol reduces the absorption of vitamins and forces the body to consume more.

Are you healthy? A disease that can draw you neglect your vital energy and put you flat. So take care of you!

And once you’ve done around your physical condition, of course, think your mental state. Do you care enough about you? Do you think to give you daily pleasures to offset worries?

After all these questions and explorations simple, if you feel a deep anxiety, coupled with difficulties in your life, it is often very beneficial to consult a shrink (psychologist or psychiatrist) to help you overcome this condition.
Indeed, anxiety is not only unpleasant, it also increases the risk of many diseases such as heart attack for example. So deal with it all!

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