Infidelity: The Other Woman and You

Do you wonder why your man is so attracted to the other woman?

Infidelity is not always about falling in love with the other woman.  But what makes her so attractive to your man? Don’t ever think your man will tell you what is wrong with you because he won’t.  Don’t also think that the other woman will apologize because she also won’t.  She will probably blame you for the whole affair.  Why not?  She’s a bitch and bitches don’t apologize; they rationalize.  It all redounds to you, the injured party and how you fare alongside a bitch and a cheater. Since they won’t spell things out for you, I will.  Been there, done that.  I was the woman, not the other woman. It hurt so bad I had to see a counsellor. Some of the following may not apply to me and you but they are bitter truths that may have thrown your man into the arms of another woman. Face them now or lose your man.

YouYou let your life revolve around him. You monitor his whereabouts like a true- blue stalker.

The Other WomanShe appears not to care about his absence. She is so involved with her own life.

Your Man:  He is challenged by a woman who doesn’t seem to need him.


YouYou are insecure about your looks and engage all means  to make yourself attractive to him.

The Other Woman:  Even if she is not attractive enough, she has a take it or leave it attitude.

Your Man:  Self-confidence makes a woman appear gorgeous to him.


You:  You are a “yes” girl always agreeing with his ideas and beliefs.

The Other Woman:  She speaks her mind even if she has to disagree with him.

Your Man:  He has greater respect for a woman who has a mind of her own.


You:  You complain or nag him like his mother.

The Other Woman:  She gives him the cold shoulder if the terms are not favourable to her.

Your Man:  He takes a woman’s silence more seriously than her noise.


You:  You are jealous of the other woman and try to compete with her.

The Other Woman:  She is not a clinging vine. She easily lets go of him if there is another woman.

Your Man: He is attracted to a woman who is secure with herself.


You:  You jump to bed with him too soon or never refuse his sexual advances.

The Other Woman:  She controls her sexual urges giving the relationship time to grow before having sex.

Your Man:  He loses respect for a woman who is subservient to his sexual needs.


You:  You are too sensitive or defensive when he points out your weakness.

The Other Woman:  She laughs at herself and can banter with him.

Your Man:  He is turned on by a woman who has great sense of humor.


Don’t try so hard to chase your man because the more he will run away.  Believe in yourself and hold your own regardless of what your man does.  Then and only then will the principles of attraction work to your best advantage.  At the end of the day, he may come running back to you. If he doesn’t, take it as his loss, not yours.  Now, hold your head high and take good care of yourself.  All the best.

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  1. :)

  2. quote of the day – “He takes a woman’s silence more seriously than her noise…” pls. forward to all the wives out there… he he..

  3. That’s a strong one…and you’re absolutely right. Now, I have always believed that if one goes astray, let him be. I’m also not the type who would chase after someone who chooses to be with someone else. If he comes back? That is another story. You see trust is something that I easily give but if that one is breached in any way, the person will have a hard time gaining back my trust and confidence… :-)

  4. I’m pleased to say my wife doesn’t have this problem!

  5. In my case, I’m the quiet type and he doesn’t want it. Instead, he wants me to engage in a combat with him. But I must agree with you, 10 points!! :)

  6. Interesting post!

  7. So you are providing me with some excuses. You are a nice friend really. Soooo many thanks for the ideas.

  8. Liked woman who can stand with her own self, a dreamer and a fighter for life. Yes, why worry with your man running from you? Find another one! Great piece of information about woman. Thanks.

  9. frankly, still couldn’t overcome the pain they both did…whatever the explaination…I called them both DEVIL. Had my man want the other woman still, I would allow him to leave me than keeping him and affecting my work and my children. Like what you said, It’s not my loss, it’s his.

  10. True. “He has greater respect for a woman who has a mind of her own.” A woman need not change herself for a man.

  11. You knew the topic very well Inay..based from experience ba?
    Well, as for me, just want to say Whatever will be will be. :)

    Thought provoking post indeed..kaya pala nangangalit ka kanina..he he he

  12. Hmmm…thought provoking post here Inay…based on experience ba from you or someone close to you?

    anyways, for me whatever will be will lang masasabi ko:)
    Whether somebody will believe me or not..I don’t care anymore… been there..and I’ve kept it within me..:)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Nice write. very interesting article.

  14. You are so right Likha for some men if they see any weakness in a woman the woman is not so pleasing to them. There is a fine line that must be walked for this to work.Excellent article touching on some very important points in the relationship between men and women. I’m so happy I’m pass this lol. Hubby and I have weathered the storms and now it’s time to sit back and relax which makes it all worthwhile.

  15. I don\’t have any experience yet. haha feeling virgin yay….but in case this will be happen I don\’t want to blame my partner coz we both know na may sumpa n mga lalake sa pag ka babaero but the best thing you need to is be your self and be his wife.

  16. I’m sorry to hear that you went through it Likha,it must have been awful for you. Some very wise points in this article which can’t have been easy for you to write. A lot of it is down to attitude and self-confidence but it’s not always easy. Very thoughtful article.

  17. Aray ko po. I’m master of this thing. Agree ako sa lahat ng points mo. di ko lang matanggap yung to call the other woman “bitch”. what if yung other woman happened to be your true love. Di lang kayo nagkatuluyan dahil sa Fate.

  18. hanga ako sa yo,sis.matatag.ka.

  19. Hindi ako ni isa sa mga “You” dito pero nakaka praning pa rin minsan.

  20. pwede mag add,

    You got cold in bed
    the other woman know well how to drive his man crazy
    your man loves a woman who knows how to use her asets

    As my friend quotes it, when you got married you have to be ready in performing to most important role.
    Become a housewife at home yet a mistress in bed.

    observation lang po.

  21. It all boils down to self-worth. Yours. You will be no good for others unless you totally recognize your true value as a human being. Bitch be d _ m _ _ d!

  22. Yes Inay Likha,it’s their loss not ours! If ever my hubby would have another woman (knock on wood,lol) he will never ever taste me again,lol!

  23. matagal pa ko stage na to pero..true enough.. I heard so many things regarding the same concern..
    where–radio stations…
    but just in case I\’ll be in this case–I\’ll hunt this article and let my wife(in the future) read it.

  24. ang lupit, inay likha… great share..

  25. very well written… I also think the same way.
    Why waste time chasing your men if you can make him chase you? LOL :]

  26. I hope after 29 years of marriage I never have to face this situation.

  27. be strong. God bless!

  28. I agree with you, if he wants the other woman let him have her. You are better off without him.

  29. Great article!

  30. Must be tough to experience that. The fault also much lie in the type of person too. If he is a player, life will be difficult for any lady.

  31. Any woman should stand up and do what is best for her kids and herself than suffer the mental and emotional pain the spouse is inflicting. You are a strong woman and you have the wisdom to do what you ought to do. :)

  32. Mmmmh. good share. made me think :)

  33. Great one. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Great article, Likha! I love it when you said that “the other woman does not apologize since they are bitches, and bitches do not apologize.” Well said, well said. :-) Wonderful, sensible points you made.

  35. individual differences,,,some women will let them go some will simply hang on the relationship…most relationships survive because of the wife’s strong will to keep it

  36. …as Nobert said individual differences, having 3rd party on the scene is not a condition to make a strong relationship…sacrifices for the kids is inevitable for a mother…let the man go for he wouldn’t look at other woman if he still loves you! Great post anyway!

  37. to rutherfranc,

    …let the woman talk for you wouldn’t know how she feels if she will not talk :) ))

  38. What really helps husband and wife is to be committed to Christ and have in dwell within.

  39. If your man is always attracted to other women then its time to move on and enjoy single life or find a man who has respect for the sanctity of the relationship. I realize it is not so easy to move on if kids are involved.
    Mahirap sa isang babae na tanggapin ang isang mahal mo na sirain ang tiwala mo. Madaling sabihin na patawad pero mahirap ibalik ang tiwala sa isang tao.
    Courtesty of my lovely Filipina Wife :)
    Now I know that tiwala means trust.

  40. Nice share

  41. I haven’t read something as great as this for a long time. No additional word from me.

  42. Great analysis of people’s behaviors. There’s so much to learn from this article.

  43. Interesting, but not a be-all-end-all. It was definitely opposite with my husband’s mistress. She was needy, desperate, would do or say anything to agree and make him happy…and that’s what he thought he wanted for a minute before he realized it was OBNOXIOUS.

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