Interesting Facts About Lies

This is an interesting fact behind the lies you have ever done.

Everyone seemed ever to lie, whether it’s called a white lie or the truth lies. There are some interesting facts about the lies that is expressed by a doctor from Cornell University, that is Doctor Jeff Hancock. He revealed at least four interesting facts about the lies. This is an interesting fact  behind the lies you have ever done. What are the facts interesting behind these lies?

In the book The Brave New World of Lying and Deception, he presents four important findings about the lie, as reported by Yahoo:

We do it every day

Humans lie, on average approximately once per day, whether through face to face communication, on the phone, or digital.

Difficult to detect

In fact, the eye does not always indicate a lie. We believe that studying the eye movements and / or changes in a person’s voice will help us detect lies someone. Both of these ways, said Dr. Jeff, could be manipulated.

Lying to get a mate

Approximately 80 percent of profiles of people who are looking for a mate through online dating at have at least one kehobongan, namely the matter of height, weight, and age. Lies what is most often performed female? Weight loss. What about men? Height.

The reason, both of these are more likely to change (for example, with diet, high heels, etc.), different from that age tend not to be fooled, unless you use a photo editing software or excessive make-up.

Liar sentence

Profiles can be known liar through three things, namely:

- Often issued a statement with the word “I” (which allows a person to psychologically impress away from the lies)

- Often using the words “exception”, like “but”, “except”, “besides”, etc. (to reduce the complexity of the lie).

More often show negative emotions
Dr. Jeff calls this last factor as a “cover her guilty of lies”. For example, someone who says, “Accidents on the road that made me late for work. It was horrible “. It is also a method for stimulating the subconscious sense of pity or sympathy from the listener, who then are less focused on the lies that he tried to cover it.

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  7. Everyone lies, it’s a fact. Being good at it, is another story.

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