Intolerably Foolish Triond

Articles are placed in wrong categories, and their relocation requests are denied. In protest, I am stopping writing on Triond until some corrective measures are taken.

It has been going on since I joined Triond as an author, that my articles are placed under wrong categories. It seems tpo be automated system, therefore, a software problem. But responsibility of providing a correct software is the responsibility of Triond administration who are quite negligent of their duties and responsibilities. They feel that whatever little amount of money they provide is enough for satisfying the authors and covering their foolishness. 

My article ‘Principles of Gaining Knowledge’ has been placed under ‘gambling’ category, which is an intolerable insu;lt to me as well as to my article. 

When, I tried to contact quazen site where the article is published, security image was quite illegible with no provision of getting another image for the verification.

Since, there is no use in fumbling on the issue, as nobody from Triond cares fore such foolishness of theirs, I am stopping writing on this site until I am assured of due attention and corrective measures by Triond administration.

I request other authors also to follow suit to bring the site administration on the right path. 

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  1. just don’t loose your patience your exit or escape will not solve the problem , a continuous protest shall only serve the purpose.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems. I know this has happened to me before. Sometimes the relocation request is denied. Hope this issue gets resolved soon.

  3. I hope this problem of yours will be resolved asap. I\’m sure Triond is looking into the matter. Cheer up.

  4. I have this problem with my articles being placed in wrong categories and once published the article is placed on another profile

  5. It will be sad to lose you. I don’t have this problem as my poetry always goes to Authspot.

  6. Oh, my dearest Christine, you will never lose me, it is the triond that will lose me.

  7. Thank you for explaining it all so well,,

  8. I believe everything is not right here with triond. But what to do? I don’t understand how ezinearticles works so well? Are they employing outsider editors or what? Can anyone tell me how the editorial of Ezine article works? I think that is a much better site than triond. My viewer ship is alos doubtful

  9. Hey friend Ram Bansal this article of yours is placed in Mental health category. LOL.

  10. thanks

  11. Ram, where are you now? Have you finally found your star? a prosperous new year!

  12. I have been contemplating for some time now over whether to keep posting. I posted over 120poems, but I’m not being given due credit for likes, comments and views on many of the poems. I’ve complained at least twice per week over the last month. No-one has corrected this problem. I am simply ignored!!

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