Is Spanking Therapy Real

This explains further an answer I gave after being asked a question on the subject by a friend the other day.

I just had a friend ask me the other day was this thing called spanking therapy real or was it just something the perverts made up for their pleasure.  The truth is it is a real therapy.  There are only a few centers that allow the practice due to the controversy that surrounds it.  The main states that allow it are New York and California.  This is not a therapy for people who want to be spanked for sexual reasons.  To give you a better idea of what it is for, I will tell you about it and give you an example.  I have been studying it for years because my son had the need for it but there were no centers where we live.  If there is not a center around you, you have to seek help from an individual, which can be very hard to do and can be unsafe.  It is recommended you find someone you know instead of just looking on social networks.

I will now tell you what spanking therapy is.  It is a controversial therapy where the patient literally feels he or she needs to be physically punished in order to cope with life.  They do things that they feel is wrong and they automatically feel like spanking is the only way to help them be ridded of the guilt they feel.  It is common in teens and young adults, especially those with forms of autism.  Basically they go to the therapist once a week.  They tell the therapist what things they have done that week that they feel are spankable offenses.  Some people also take extra spanking for motivational goals such as diets and getting jobs.  After the verbal discussion, the therapist or the patient either decides how many spankings should be given.  The patient then gets into position, usually bent over a desk or chair, and gets to the state of undress, usually bare bottom.  The therapist then administers the spanking with whatever implement was decided on as the implement of use, usually a wooden paddle, sometimes holed.  After the spanking, the spankee stays bent over with his or her clothes down while the therapist explains how he can correct his behavior.  The patient then pulls up his or her clothes and goes on about their business until the next week when they see the therapist again.  If the behavior does not improve, the therapist may give harsher spankings either by removing more clothing than was originally agreed upon if not already bare bottomed or by changing the implement to be used.  Sometimes the therapist will decide that more spankings need to be given in the session or tell the spankee to come in more often.  The theory is that if the spankee does not want to support a sore bottom all the time he or she will act better.  Some patients agree to allow extra licks for any falling out of position.  Some therapists have a rule that if the patient moves out of position or rubs his or her bottom during the discussion after the spanking the spanking starts over with another discussion at the end.  This can leave the spankee with a very sore bottom, but it teaches him or her to obey orders given.  These are usually all the extra rules placed.  A very harsh rule for male spankees only is that if they get an erection from the spanking they are given 15 extra licks.  I will later post on a few examples I’ve read about and would love to hear your story if you go through this therapy or have thoughts you may need it.

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  1. yo estoy muy interesado en este tema. pero vivo en espaƱa.

  2. is this spankingtherapist in nyc legit?

  3. Where can I find a behavioral adult therapist female that spanks in her pratice in Albany NY?

    Please email at if anyone knows of any female therapists in Albany NY area.

  4. I have greatly benefited from such therapy. Think what you like. It was difficult to explain that it was not related to sex for me, and to find someone you could understand this. After being spanked, I found myself less anxious, more calm and more centered. One aspect is the surrender to another… the letting go and allowing someone to control your sensations. I’ve heard this described as a power-exchange or TPE. I can only say that it is difficult to let go, but once coaxed to surrender, there is a profound sense of release. Also, I experience strong endorphin release. A strong sensation floods my brain that lasts for hours, sometimes days. I know this seems ridiculous, but I have found great benefits.

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