Living with Aspergers Syndrome, a Guide for Teenagers

A young persons guide for living with aspergers syndrome. I will describe the basic information about aspergers, the problems it might cause and how you yourself can deal with these issues.

Aspergers syndrome is mainly a social problem. It is more common in boys than in girls, and often effects children a lot more than adults. It is often associated with autism, but has some fundamental differences. People with aspergers normally have an average or high IQ, whereas people with autism usually have a below average IQ, though this is not always the case. 

Aspergers can make a person incredibly shy, they can be quiet and reserved and find it hard to make friends. Sometimes it can have a reverse effect on some people, these people talk more, but often have long, one sided conversations about their interests or are accidentally rude or insensitive. People with aspergers syndrome have problems reading someones body language or facial expressions. So they might have problems knowing when to start or stop a conversation and might appear rude. These social problems can be a big problem when it comes to high school.

High school can be a very hard place for people with aspergers. Since they have problems making friends, it can seem like a very lonely time for them. They are also often prone to bullying. Since people with aspergers can be very sensitive, they can be very easily upset, which leads them to retaliate, causing more bullying. They should always remember not to take bullying to heart, and find a way other then fighting to let out their anger. Because they have trouble being in big crowds, they may have problems in clubs or other activities. It may be good to join a club for people with aspergers or other disorders or find a hobby you like to do on your own. If things get really bad, then you might want to speak to a professional (you should already be getting help from the school).

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