Married, Increase Testosterone Hormone on Men

Besides associated with libido, testosterone also prevent osteoporosis.

Scientist at the University of Adelaide, Australia found that testosterone levels in men are not always associated with age. In a sense, increasing age, does not mean the production of testosterone will decrease gradually. Better lifestyle for this role. Options to be obese, smoking, and depression are other conditions in which testosterone decreases.

The most interesting thing in this study is the discovery that statistics show if the men who are not married have much less testosterone than married men.

In addition to the libido, testosterone is also called the play an important role in the immune system, and prevention of osteoporosis. For these findings, the scientists analyzed measurements of testosterone in 1500 men. Testing is done twice, with a span of five years after the first test.

On average, testosterone will not serve one percent each year, and even more in those who are overweight, depression, and smoking habits or problems.

According to Dr. Gary Wittert, it makes sense that men who are married will have a high testosterone level, as in previous studies, indicate if pre married more able to enjoy life and health to be better.

“Men who marry tend to be more careful with their weight, as there are couples who constantly monitor their food intake. This course will enhance mental and physical health. I always say that good sex life becomes very important for emotional health testosterone also affect hormone production, “says Wittert.

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