Media and the views of people about looks and figures etc.

Don’t you think that some times celebrities are a bit over rated? I mean some are just paid for their looks and and their size 0 figure. Come on how shallow can people get looks shouldn’t count. For example just because you are bigger than sizes  0-8 doesn’t mean you cant sing or act or do many things that others can do.  i would actually prefer to see a majority of people being normal sizes instead of pretty much anorexic. Guys get with it not everything is about what you look like. Have you ever thought that is why you have people with anorexia and bulimia. Also the media is basically the thing that causes peoples self esteem to be low, maybe not all of it is but that is part of  the problem.  some of the best things  in life come from those a little less pretty. Always remember people are like books in a sense. Beauty comes from within and the outside is only the cover of a beautiful story.

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