Nap After Lunch ?????


Usually we see many people taking nap after lunch. That’s their daily activity. We have some confusion that is taking nap after lunch is good for health or not? But recently in Nasa Studies they found out that taking nap for 30 Min’s  after lunch will gives as 40% more understanding power and here are few benefits .

  • After lunch if we take a nap for 15 Min’s it will decrease our stress harmones and makes us feel fresh.
  • If we have more stress then if take a nap after lunch that will help us to overcome that and we can complete our work more efficiently.
  • And in recent studies the rate of heart diseases in people who are taking nap after lunch got decreased to 40%.

  So taking short nap is good for health. But if we sleep for many hour that will lead to again some health issues. Just for relaxation and keep our mind active we have to take nap.

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  1. nice post
    plz view like and share

  2. Great read thanks

  3. Woah that’s interesting! I always thought it was unhealthy, but it’s nice to know! :)

  4. I will have that on my mind….just the relaxation, 15 mins, no more.:)

  5. interesting…but after lunch i guess we can restrict for 15 mins yarr….there will be a deep sleep coming…

  6. Good information for everyone.. People who take a nap after lunch are unknowingly getting benefits of it.. :-P
    I think that is the reason why it is called as “Power Nap”…

  7. So short naps are ok then, good to know. Thanks for sharing your article with us.

  8. Nice sharing. It reminds me of power nap in ” Three Idiots”.

  9. We are completely taken up in the hassles of life and never give a nap a chance…just see what we are missing!

  10. Trying to restrict to “short” nap :)

  11. Yes, a short nap is refreshing, I try to take one when I have a lot of housework to complete. A power nap refreshes and you can do more.

  12. I definitely should try this tips. But maybe I should do it during my time in University because my schedule is between 8 am to 3 pm every day. Don’t know how, but I need to learn how to take a nap in public (or at least at several comfortable, not too crowded, and safe places).

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