Negative Emotions Can Cause Disease

The negative feelings and their adverse effects to human body.

Emotions are very strong feelings. These strong feelings can produce automatic chemical change in the body which causes emotions that result in action. The thought of danger or emergency, which resulted in the emotions of fear or danger, which is in turn impelled to body fight or flight.

Fear and anger are negative emotions. Both result from the thought of danger. When anger is the resulting emotion the body action which it impels is to attack or destroy. It seems that in this case the noradrenalin plays a slightly bigger role than in fear, giving more strength to the arms to meet the physical threat. Outwardly we can see whether a person’s emotion is fear or anger. In the former case his pale, in the latter it turns red.

It must be remembered that this life saving emotional mechanism is built into humans and animals by nature. But nature’s intentions are always good it is only the humans that pollute or misuse nature.

The alarm mechanism described has one great purpose’s get the animal or the human out of a great, immediate, physically life-threatening situation. Natural fear protects the body. However humans, misusing nature trigger off the flow of adrenalin also when they are not actually in any life-threatening situation, namely when they are anxious or worried. We may say that anxiety and worry result from imagined threats. Fear is the emotion arising from thought of immediate physical danger. Anxiety is the fear of a future dangerous event. Worry the fear of the consequence of some future dangerous event.

All three are therefore genuine fears and in all the three cases the adrenalin flows. However in the case of anxiety and worry to mobilize the body for physical fighting or running makes no sense and is really a misuse of natural alarm mechanism built into us and is therefore punishable. It is punished especially by all ill health. The adrenalin increases blood sugar and fatty acids in the blood stream which serve as fuels in the fighting and running. However the person who worries a lot does so while traveling to his job, while sitting at his desk, perhaps even when he lies down to sleep. The blood sugar and fatty acids instead of being converted to exceptional physical energy pile up in the blood. As a result the person develops diabetes and gradually clogs arteries with fats, till at some stage fat particles may clump together, closing some artery completely and so cause a hear attack. When this happens in the brain we call it a stroke.

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