Nine Health Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise

This article provides information on deep breathing and its benefits to your healthy living and long life.

Many experts in deep breathing exercise, agree that there are numerous benefits that follow those who engage in deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing has immense benefits to your health and has much effect in promoting longevity or life span. Once the routine of deep breathing is started and continued, you would begin to reap immense benefits from its exercise.

The following stated benefits which experts in deep breathing have researched and acclaimed, would help you understand its importance and need for you to engage in the exercise:

1. Relaxation of Bowels

Deep breathing helps to relax your bowels. When trying to move your bowels in the toilet, deep breathing would enable you do so easily. while sitting on the toilet bowl, do deep breathing and your bowels would move.

2. Stress Reliever

Deep breathing reliefs stress. Stress is injurious to health. Usually, the gross activities of a day, coupled with other factors, can bring about stress. But deep breathing works on your system, making it possible for you to be free from stress or less prone to stress.

3. Improves and Increases Oxygen Delivery and Supply to Body Organs

Deep breathing from the tummy helps provide an optimal supply of oxygen to all your body organs. When deep breathing is routinely done, it both improves and increases delivery and level of oxygen supplied to body organs. Thus, enabling your system to do better.

4. Improves the Detoxification of body Organs and Cleanses the Body

Deep breathing, when done regularly, helps in the improvement of detoxification of body organs. When harmful poisons or toxins accumulate in the body, they cause harm. But deep breathing helps in the elimination of these toxins, and thus cleanses the body.

5. Deep Breathing Releases you from Anxiety

Deep breathing would help clear every clog in your mind, giving you a focused life, and thus releasing and relieving you from anxiety. Anxiety is dangerous to your health, and can cause many health problems and diseases.

6. Deep Breathing Promotes your Well-being

Deep breathing helps your system to release certain hormones that help to give you a sense of good health and well-being, relaxing your muscles. Thus, you get relief from muscle tension and pain.

7. Deep breathing Improves your Physical and Mental Health

Your physical well-being is bound to improve as you engage in regular deep breathing. Also, your mental alertness improves, making it possible for you to be able to do what you could not do before.

8. Deep Breathing Helps to Lower your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a health condition that many dread. but with routine and regular deep breathing exercises, your blood pressure becomes lowered. Thus, bring your blood pressure to an approved level.

9. Deep Breathing Can Relief you from Nervousness

Nervousness and the inability to speak due to fear or nervousness, can be relieved with the use of deep breathing.

The key to success in deep breathing is regular and routine exercise. When you learn the ropes of deep breathing, apply them, and you shall reap all the above benefits.

To your healthy living.

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  1. It is very important to breathe, to improve our health. Thanks for the note.

  2. Wonderful post.
    It is about time we actually returned to most ancient and natural means of living a healthy and abundant life.

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