Nobody Star

"Judge not least ye be judge"…Jesus. Okay not exactly what He said but just read this before you think you figured out what this is about!

Up, down

and all around…

One minute you’re up,

up so high

you feel as though

you could fly away

and that you have the golden key

and golden ticket,

all wrapped up into one golden package.

You feel as though you are

that magic eight ball,

            but better!,

for you hold all the answers

to life’s questions

that are you know are true and right.

The next moment you are down,

lower than you’ve ever been,

lower than the littlest bug

that’s hiding beneath the ground.

You become nothing.

Are nothing.

See nothing.

Hear nothing.

Because you are nothing but

the blackest of the black,

the dumbest of the dumb,

the unluckiest of the unlucky,

the poorest of the poor,

and the hopelessest of the hopeless.

You feel nothing but pain,

            deep, agonizing pain,

nothing but sorrow,

            soul crushing sorrow,

deep within your soul,

and you know that you can do no right

and that no matter which way you turn,

you are forever lost,

forever doomed to take the wrong paths.

You wonder where your magic went

that lit you up inside,

that made you feel so alive!,

and as though you could do so wrong,

that you were a genius,

full of inspiration and desire

to paint the world full of your

magic colors that only you could see.

But now you are haunted,

by ever mistake,

perceived and real,

by voices taunting you

from the past beyond.

You know you are doomed

to forever repeat this cycle,

no escape will be found.

You wonder if the magic was real,

if the magic is worth it,

            (if it ever did such exist…).

How can you tell though?

You? Who know sees only

the black and none of the color?

You cannot see nothing but

this endless cycle,

set on repeat,

no off button to be found,

no way to get off

this nightmare ride.

Such is this works

you muse to yourself,

of a wonderfully terrible,

terrifying thrilling

life of being a bipolar nobody star.

Liked it
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  1. Very nicely written about a difficult subject.

  2. Nice post.

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