Obsession or Obsessive

Obsession or Obsessive.

   Obsession means of motivation or a strong desire in a person to achieve something that is aspired. With our obsession so know what they want and are more motivated to work hard. With an obsession we could also set a target of the work as much as possible, because we know things like what is needed to realize our dreams. But not to the intention of being something or get something so dominant in our minds, to the extent that we no longer want to think about other than how best and quickest way to get what we want, This is called obsessive or obsessed. Anyway, when we feel that we should get whatever you want and no matter how, it’s one sign that we have started obsessively.

   Ever hear the saying ‘Hang your ambition as high as the sky’, the saying is true. By having high ideals, will motivate us to strive to make it happen. It is an obsession in a positive form, that does not mutate to become obsessive obsession, there are important things we have to consider:

– Get Real
   We should be able to adjust the obsession with the capabilities, because who knows our abilities is ourselves. So if we already know that we are ‘deaf’ tone, do not push yourself for still come idol.

– Respect other people
   Although we’re trying hard, does not mean we do not care about the people around us. Either from family, friends, girlfriends, even though our neighbors. We still have to appreciate all she has done to others. This way you will not harm or hurt others, just because we’re pursuing an obsession.

– Compromise
   When all efforts have been tried and not being produced, try try to accept it. Maybe now I have the time we get what we expect.Compromise with the power of space and time are summarized in the journey of life. Then we can enjoy life, without panting. Believe me, the compromise does not mean defeat.

– Keep on going
   As long as we still can control the obsession to become a superstar, keep fighting. It is the right man to find his own happiness. So did we, the origin of the happiness that is not built on the suffering of others.

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