Overcoming Trouble

Adversity is considered as bad, but it is not! It actually helps us with everything.

Horus once said,” adversity has the effect to elicit talent which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” Horus is correct. People who experience personal, social, and financial adversity generally become more prosperous. 

Personal prosperity is the ability for you to enjoy life in the ways you want to. Enjoyment means nothing if there is no reference mark. struggling through a personal issue, and then resolving it should give rise to sensations of happiness- even if the circumstances are still not favorable. Challenging your belief system is good. experimenting with other beliefs, adversities, gives us a worldly view and casts away ignorance. Even if your beliefs aren’t shattered, then you have still come one step closer to finding your beliefs, or strengthening the existing ones. Adversity causes humanity to have a bench mark. 

Social adversity can range from ostracizing from friends, to having too many. Being alone is not a healthy state for a human. We enjoy others at some point no matter how anti-social. However, excluding oneself from society, from the world, can cause greatness to arise. In my own life, I remember getting my very own car. When I find a social problem , an adversity, I drive. I drive until I have solved the puzzle. Indeed solving ones own problems alone is beneficial;however, looking to your friends is good as well. Having too many “friends” is essentially having no friends. Having no friends is not healthy. But theses states of loneliness are essential. Using the adversity of being alone or having too many friends can tell us who our true friends are. I think friendship is a talent. Aristotle once said,” friendship is two souls residing in a single body.” Finding your true friends can only be done through struggle and strife. 

 A growing push for our society is wealth, primarily physical wealth. How does adversity help us gain wealth? It helps us gain power. Power acquired through knowledge. Knowledge that will elevate someone to the pinnacle of all aspects of life. My dad once flipped “penny-stocks,” with this minimal risk, minimal gain, he was able to hone his skills. Every failure resulted in learning and he gained knowledge. The book, ” Outliers” states that 10,000 hours of practice is required until one can be an expert in a subject. Gaining knowledge does help people keep, sustain, and even grow their financial deposits. Perfectionism says that messing us in order to achieve greatness is wrong, but JFK once said,” If you fail to make anyone mad, then you only probe for the lowest common denominator of human achievement. ” Adversity is essential to create people’s talents and to rise above adversity is the only way to do so. 

Horus was accurate in his statement. The acquirement of adversity probes only for finding talent, talent that will shape our world, our children’s world, and undeniably, the future of humanity. 

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