People Who Eat Poop, Coprophagia

Coprophagia is largely associated with dogs, it is the situation when a dog its feces, often its own, but also that of other dogs or animals. Coprophagia also occurs in humans, as a behavioral problem, health disorder, or a sexual perversion.

In dogs there is a myth that coprophagia is due to minerals lacking in a dogs diet, this has been shown to be untrue. Dogs who are underfed may exhibit this behavior when no other food is present, however is is also seen in otherwise perfectly healthy dogs, and indeed, perfectly healthy people.

The word coprophagia originated from the Greek, Copros for feces, and phagein for eating.

Sexual Coprophagia

As seen in “Scat” films sexual coprophagia can be as benign as the licking of another persons dirty anus, or actual consumption of fecal material. It is often assumed the bent towards this behavior comes from having a submissive personality. In some instances the behavior is seen as forced, the one eating the feces is not necessarily enjoying it, this being a dominant, and aggressive, act towards them.


Pica is a health disorder whereby the person develops a craving for things that other people would not find palatable. This problem is more common in women, and children. The affected person often eats dirt, soap, small stones, pencils, batteries, and on up the line. Eating feces is common in people with Pica. Pica can be distinguished from simple coprophagia because other things are eaten in addition to feces, and may be related to a type of anemia.

Other instances of Human Coprophagia

In some cases of child abuse, where the infants and toddlers in particular, were not properly fed, many resorted to eating their own feces.

Depression and schizophrenia are often associated with coprophagia.


The biggest risks are of contracting a disease, such as hepatitis, or parasites (worms) from eating the feces of another human.

What to do?

One should be tested for anemia, and Pica should be suspected if other unusual cravings are also present. Both a medical, and psychiatric exam should take place. The sufferer should be counseled and treated for depression, or schizophrenia, if either are present.

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  1. nice share

  2. My dear goodness, what else can I say?

  3. I love this article. Very informative! Let’s just bring all this stuff out on the table. It’s disgusting but there are reasons why humans would do it. Thanx Brenda, very educational!

  4. I’d not class anal rimming with the tongue as coprophagia if the area has been well cleaned first and where the aim of the activity is to give pleasure and positively to AVOID ingesting any significant amount of faeces. The idea of any tongue-to-anus contact makes me feel queazy, but I’d not lump everyone who does it in the same class as full-blown coprophagists (is that even a word?).

  5. interesting share

  6. Oh my gosh, I just don’t have the words to respond to this except yuk! But a good article and tastefully done??? Pun intended!

  7. well, that was fairly disgusting ;-)

  8. Glad I have finished eating! LOL… but take my hat off to you B for writing this fab article!

  9. Wow, that sounds terrible, I didn’t know people did this. I knew animals did and I also thought it was something missing in their diet.

  10. Interesting article. Glad I don’t have a queazy stomach.

  11. good point Bruce, this is not the same as rimming, I should clarify this is licking dirty anus’s not clean.

  12. gud work

  13. Our dog used to do this and we just could not stop him. He contracted Hepatitis and died at the age of 5. It was heartbreaking.
    Definately not something recommended for animals or humans! Nevertheless, thank you for the informative article, its better to know rather than remain ignorant.

  14. oh, that’s terrible
    but your work is never terrible, good information.
    so there are many strange happenings in this world.

  15. I never realized humans did this. All I can say is gross.

  16. Its gross…
    However, we need to find the reason why human do it…
    And need to treat…

    Thanks for infomation

  17. Wow, I guess you learn something new everyday. I think these people simply need to be informed that there are much better things to eat.

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  18. oopps!! great stuff … very informative.

  19. There’s a similar condition with dogs wherein they eat their own poop because one of my dogs used to have that kind of condition. But I’m schocked to see and read here that humans also do this! Good thing I already ate or else I’m really gonna barf!

  20. Wow.. hard to read with a week stomach. That is a pretty bad condition. Seems like a lot of dogs have this condition.

  21. keep posting. and share your knowledge. i like it. knowledge is all about gaining and sharing..

  22. That was really disgusting. I thought that thing you call Coprophagia whatever it is only happens on anime porn.

  23. I just can’t visualize someone doing this! Yuk hehe…it freaks me out to think about the diseases which can be contracted!! Very good post :)

  24. OMG! Is this true? i can’t believe it. Nice share. Unique!

  25. Thanks for sharing a very good explanation. This will be very helpful.

  26. i knew somebody who wasnt into this. I dump her. No pun intended!

  27. This is just really gross though. But hey, better than killing babies and harming other people!

  28. I know this is a sick thing, I’m a guy & I ate shit before. I think it’s from influence as when I was 3-5 years old I had teenage male baby sitters who used to make me do this. I also had to drink their pee too. They laughed at me when they made me do it. At that time I didn’t know what they were doing. Somehow this crossed over as a sexual fantasy for me which I hate but the only thing that arouses me. When I grew up I was never given the birds & bees talk so I knew nothing at all what sex even was. I grew up thinking I was weird just doing normal sex stuff, then this abuse on top of it. When I was 12 I hooked up with a 13 year old classmate in a park & I did this stuff with him, he laughed at me & he loved doing it to me & he also told it all around what I did. As a result I lost every friend I had, which I understand. I hate this I’ve tried all kinds of counseling but nothing helps. Actually that’s not quite true as I could only tell about me being made drink their pee. The other I’m to embarrassed to talk about. Try not to be too hard on other people you come across into this stuff cause we know it’s gross but keep in mind, in my case anyways this was done to me & I know it’s influenced me into this sick stuff. If anyone reading this is studying on this topic if you wanna talk more about it I would be glad too & if anyone has info on any help with this I would love to hear about that too. As much as it arouses me sexually if there’s a way I can stop it I would do it in a heartbeat. Thanks for reading my story. James.

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