Pessimist or Optimist

It can’t be much fun to be a pessimist. The glass is always half empty and luck is always running out. How much more fun to be an optimist with the glass half full and working toward success instead of depending on luck. Becoming an optimist starts with becoming aware of that negative little voice inside your head and learning to shut it up.

Pessimist or Optimist

Pessimists are a dime a dozen. Their glass is always half empty and the gloom of doom is on their faces. What makes them look at life differently than optimists? Optimists expect good things out of life and that in itself works toward making it happen. Pessimists, on the other hand, come up with reasons why they shouldn’t even try which accomplishes nothing.

Optimists live longer, healthier, happier lives with better relationships. A pessimist can become an optimist with a little work and it’s well worth it. Knowing what is going on inside your head is critical in changing it. Listen to what is playing in your internal network. Find out if you are sending yourself negative messages. The best way to overcome being a pessimist is to challenge your own negative beliefs. Start a hopeful journal. Write three or four hopeful thoughts in your journal every day along with some evidence of positive outcomes. You will begin to see a dramatic difference in attitude.

As a pessimist you get stuck in the negative and it’s difficult to move forward. By writing it down you will see good things are just as possible as bad things. Find and use evidence to combat pessimistic thoughts. It’s something anyone can practice and it will give you confidence. Take a time-out every day to sit down and marvel at the beauty around you. Anything from the shimmering stars to your child tumbling in the grass. You don’t have to pay a penny for it. It’s all there for you to experience

Write down goals you have reached. Maybe you painted the living room, made a quilt for your child’s bed, was promoted on the job, or got a raise. Write down goals you would like to accomplish. They should be specific. Write out the steps you will take to attain the goal. You can start with small daily goals and lead up to more challenging ones. Decide on an affirmative answer to silence your inner critic. Don’t listen to any negative thoughts. Fight back by repeating the affirmative.

Pessimists look to luck but optimists know they are in charge of their own success. Optimists know their own actions lead to positive outcomes. Building awareness in your head is the first step to conquering that nagging negative inner voice. Learn to shut it up by putting the affirmative in it’s place. You can become a glass half full instead of a glass half empty.

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  1. Nice Share.

  2. Great post….

    thanks for share.


  3. Hi Ruby, I’m an optimist but I’ve seen both sides and agree with you. We all need to read articles like this from time to time. A great share.

  4. Great share.

  5. Wonderful advice.

  6. I’m the optimist and my hubby is the pessimist. and we bounce off each other rather well. I shall have to pass this article to my man. Good work.


  7. I liked it. I strive to be optimist. But when testing times come it becomes difficult to stay as an eternal optimist. Add to this the pressure from other corners. I pray to God in those times.
    This time I will try to follow your suggestion – note down hopeful thoughts in a journal.

  8. My husband always says my cup is half empty now I know what he means.

  9. i really enjoyed this article on Pessimist or Optimist. i loved the example of the cup being half empty or half full. great write. thanks for sharing, ruby. :)

  10. Excellent write, Ruby, I am glad I am a optimist and see the glass as half full rather then half empty.

  11. Very well said. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for sharing

  13. Great article thanks for the share

  14. Great share!

  15. well-written post

  16. Excellent advice. We are often our own biggest obstacle to success because we are always looking at failure as the only possible outcome. I was told once that every set-back is a setup for a breakthrough. If we adopt that attitude, anything is possible.

  17. Great article Ruby. I tend to be a pessimist even though i would love to be an optimist.


  18. Very true!

  19. I am the optimist, my tank is half full, my cup is half full, tomorrow will be a better day!

  20. I am an optimist, but I admit that we do need both types of people in the world. Pessimists are better suited sometimes for political jobs.
    Great article though!

  21. I think I’m between optimistic and realistic. A thoughtful read. Thank you!

  22. Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Well done!

  24. I use to be a total pessimist then. around when I had my kid.. I changed.. no effort at all, I just changed.. now I am mostly an optimist but as an educated worldly person I have some pessimistic views too..

  25. Very neatly expressed thoughts about pessimist and optimist. I’m an optimist but sometimes tend to be a pessimist. I need to change a bit.

  26. Well said. Pessimism spells nothing but doom.

  27. HI Ruby, I think I am an optimist, but I some times cheat by dropping pebbles in the glass to raise the water leavel to the top. Hettie

  28. I try to be a cup is over flowing type of person, over flowing for good that is. Sometimes it is difficult but just try to get a grip and shift focus back to the positive. Good write.

  29. I’d rather to be optimistic. Nice post as usual.

  30. Fine post,good advice,thnx

  31. Great article! Good advice

  32. A good advice. Actually I am a pessimistic person …. trying to accept things as they are now. And you are right about these. Thanks :)

  33. great analysis Ruby

  34. TRUE. the optimist believes that the world is balance and all is well in life. the pessimist biggest fear is that it may well be true. when you think you have it bad someone always has it worst than you. be cheerful and bring optimism into your day.

  35. Great post. And you’re right, in order to take charge of your life, you need to optimistic and believe that good things will happen to you. Pessimists need to realize that there’s more to life than just waiting for something good or luck to come your way.

  36. Great Work.

    Thanks for share.

  37. When things do not work in our favor, it is natural we drown into pessimism. But wake up and get going as an optimist…this should be the way, that we go about our lives.

  38. Thanks for sharing. My daughter is fond of saying “my glass is neither half full nor half empty, it is simply to large for it’s contents.” not sure if it’s her original thought or if she got if from somewhere. I’m working on proper citation of sources and she could be more diligent with her citations.

  39. great share ruby, I think everyone goes through both stages in their lives..

  40. This was really interesting. I admit that I used to be a pessimist, but now I am becoming more of an optimist now. I look at things with a much better attitude now than I did before and it is much better to be more positive than to keep being negative about things.

  41. I’m mostly an optimist with a little pessimist mixed in.

  42. I liked it. made me smile

  43. Excellent! :-)

  44. Still, pessimists balance with the optimist… love the contrast you made…

  45. Nice article.

  46. That was good work! Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing it.

  47. An optimist and pessimist jump from a 100 storey building. Half-way through the optimist cried: “only 50 storeys left and we are dead”. The optimist replied: “50 storeys more to live!”

  48. Excellent post. In my family I’m the optimist. I’ve been told I’m too perky. My husband used to say I bounce off the walls I’m always in such a good mood. I go to bed perky and wake up perky. I drive my family crazy!

  49. Wonderful. It takes far less energy to be around optimistic people. I’d prefer to avoid pessimists but that’s not always possible.

  50. I try to be an optimist but there are times I change views. Well done article. I enjoyed it.

  51. What about realists? People who look at a situation critically and decide what is most likely to happen?
    That glass half full metaphor has always seemed off to me, because it has always seemed to imply that the glass is being emptied. And where a pessimist would look at it and say it is almost all gone, an optimist would look at it and say that there is still a good half left. But if the glass is being emptied then the realist would look at it and say that it is half emptied, however if the glass were being filled they would look at it as half full.
    A pessimist might look at the state of society and say the world is coming to an end and just give up, and an optimistic would look at the state of things and say it’s all going to be alright, stop worrying so much. But i think realists are the most important of all peoples. They look at the world and say we have serious problems, but it’s not too late to change things, and then they set about making those changes.
    That’s all I wanted to say.
    This was a great read, thank you for sharing!

  52. very inspiring article. Keep writing these kind of articles.

  53. i was gonna try and become an optimist once, but then i thought, whats the point?

  54. I’m more of an optimist now than I was a few years back. More hopeful and therefore happier. Being optimistic is like lifting off a dark heavy cloud and seeing the beautiful sunshine. Nice article Ruby!

  55. One life, one world, lets look onwards.

  56. It is a constant challenge to hold off the pessimist in everyone of us. But it can be done. And when the optimist holds court, we are always the better for it. Thank you for the inspiration…

  57. I think everyone’s a bit of both. I keep an achievement diary so at the end of each year I have something to be optimistic about.

    I do have a cynical eye though.

    I love your work . Thank`you, again, Ruby . j

  58. Nice one..thanks for posting it.

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