Pscychological Disorders – are We Sitting on a Rim of a Volcano?

Pscychological disorders have become a dreaded problem, needs immediate heal.

Relatively recent research have revealed that pscychological disorders are far more prevalent than previous ly believed . According to National Health of Mental Health ( NMH ) , approximately 26% of american adults over the age of 18 suffer from some type of diagnoseable mental disorder in a given year  1.

The 1994 National comorbidity survey ( NCS ) indicated that 30 % of respondants had experienced symptoms of atleast one pscychological disorder in in the previous year. The survey also indicated that nearly half of of the adults experience some form of mental disorder at some point of time.

the whole world is facing the dreaded problem and the reason is present day stress conditions in the world , unhygienic living  and dependance upto graet extent on fast foods.

Exposure to certain kind of work or people and the communication on the two sides disagrees that there will be communication gap , there arises the pscychological barrier. Pscychological problems have become problem due to our life style , our imitating nature, we tend to imitate others in many ways wheather they suit us or not ? We don’t imitate good points which ultimately leads to frustation.

The mental stress and a lot of compeition to live upto the mark and lots of problems caused at workplace , schools and other places.

If each one attends his agenda in life , it may not be lead to to a situation called frustation , dejection or sorrow that comes out of all sorts of negative thoughts and and emotions. Now a days we don’t do any thing on time be it meals , excercise etc. . The increased human requirements and human dissatisfaction ultimately leads to negativity , dissatisfaction , frustation and finally mental disorder.

What we need to do , we need more maturity , patience plus peace of mind which can only be achieved if meditation , yoga or other related pscycological excercises are included in our nature…

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  1. Awesome job! I think it’s very brave of you, as a mentally retarded adult, to write articles to help raise awareness of your condition. Thank you!

  2. There are two reasons for this worry – individual differences have widened so every other persons look like a psychotic to each one, and stresses have increased causing problematic lifestyles for most of the persons.

  3. Amazing.thank you for sharing.

  4. thanks for this share

  5. thank you for sharing this useful information :)

  6. Yeah its an awful problem for sure.

  7. Thanks for the read.

  8. Thankx for sharing.

  9. terrible problem :/

  10. My friend, this is a great article. The economical condition is affecting people daily so they are left stressed, confused and miserable…..thanks for sharing.

  11. great share

  12. good post

  13. I think you’re right, We have so much stress every day. We should take time to meditate. I would love to do yoga, but I exercise instead. Very good advice.

  14. The disease we should aware of.

  15. thanks ruby , eunice

  16. stress in present day life is responsible for disorders

  17. In our modern way, stress really attacks our body and mind. We need to combat this to go on with our lives.

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  20. good effort thanks

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  22. good share

  23. People need to go through life more thoughtfully and sensibly and to get out of stressful situations as soon as they can.

  24. If stress can cause our bodies to have heart attacks and strokes, for sure it can bring on psychological issues as well. There is only so much humans should take. We need balance, purpose, love, money, peace but sometimes we can’t find it all at once. Life is beautiful but certainly not easy and as you can see, not even for some rich people. Thanks for a brilliant article. :)

  25. brilliant display of knowledge Thanks for sharing. :)

  26. Useful information here friend!

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