Published on Healthmad But Not on Content List

This is with regard to my post on Depression is Closely Linked to Self Criticism which has been published on healthmad but is not showing on my published content list.

Perhaps I should have addressed this issue with Get Satisfaction(Triond’s complaint addressal system), but I have such little faith in it! I have registered there and used it once or twice…the response you get from Get Satisfaction is far from satisfying! In my opinion and experience ,at least!

Besides, I am still feeling so thrilled with Triond that they have re-installed the old comment box that I am hardly in a mood to complain. Reason why it took me  4 days to publish this article, Published on healthmad but not on content list (22nd July 2012). Depression is Closely Linked to Self Criticism was published on the 19th July 2012!  

Anyway, regarding my article Depression is Closely Linked to Self Criticism which has been published on healthmad but is not showing on my published content list…It’s obviously a glitch in the system! I will approach Get satisfaction, I have little choice to do anything else other than this.

Through this article, Published on healthmad but not on content list, I hope to reach out to anyone else who might have experienced a similar problem on Triond. Perhaps you could tell us what happened…did it get fixed or what?

I have always got a lot of support and better solutions from addressing my writing issues and problems through posting articles rather than using any other mode. And this is particularly true for me when it comes to Triond!

Thank you very much for viewing this.

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  1. I have a “Poem of Love” that is still not in my list, I went to the help center but it still is not there, the said to wait 2 days… but still not there. I can find it when I search the web, but it is not in my content

  2. damn! my article is showing on healthmad however

  3. I have had articles not show up on the list to, but then came up a few days later.

  4. This has happened with a few of my articles too.

  5. I think most of us have experienced these glitches from time to time. I think it comes with the territory.

  6. I had the same problem in the past & Nathan fixes it.

    No I’m having it again, with no respond yet, I already published 2 requests on the help center (the first was ignored). Here is the second one:

    I hope this will be fixed soon, for both of us.

  7. It usually shows up after awhile. I have had articles that were published and commented on and all the while my article was in the “Pending Section.” :)

  8. I have yet to have this issue.

  9. poor management

  10. This is probably just a glitch. Some writers have turned to Get Satisfactory, and were pleased with it, others, not pleased.
    Good luck:)

  11. I have consulted get satisfaction let’s see when(and if) the problem is resolved. Will keep you’ll posted regarding this and once again thanks for turning in.

  12. I’m a little embarrassed to say that on this site I never thought to check. Now I’m wondering “should I start”. I think I’ll wait. My brain is too busy today. Thanks for sharing that information. :)

  13. I just posted a comment that did not post. As I was saying, on this site I never thought to check that but I’m glad to know I can. Do I want to really know about my articles visibility? Yes, but not today because my brain is too full right now…but I am glad I read this. :)

  14. Wow, does this really happen? I don’t know if it is happening to me, but I think this concern should be checked by Triond. It is probably a glitch in their system.

  15. Thanks for providing the link to the missing article. I’ve been following your articles on depression and spotted this one in my feed. When it wasn’t in your profile when I went back, I assumed you deleted it.

  16. well written piece – thank you

  17. I did read your article and it was very well written, with good information.

  18. well written thanks for share

  19. Frustrating situation at best…

  20. still no news from get satisfaction :(

  21. I would suggest to just relocate your publication! May be it helps!
    Good luck!

  22. Weird.

  23. thanks for sharing

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