Reach Your Lifetime Goals

We reach the point in our lives where we see that we must get focused in order to meet the goals we have set for our individual lives. Here are some guidelines and suggestions to get on the path where you want to be.

Reach  your lifetime goals  by focusing on what is most important to you and then apply your efforts to those goals you set for yourself. This approach is the foundation of being happy and productive.

It is not easy sorting through all we have going on in our lives. These suggestions, however, may help you achieve what is most important to you:

1. Identify your priorities.  Put them in writing in a place where you can find them later..

2. Decide which areas of your life you have control of and which areas over which you have little or not control.  Write them down.

3.  Which aspects of your personality have helped you get what you want and which traits have stood in the way of your doing what you needed or wanted to do? Write them down for later review.  Be sure to include your communication style as that is what most often hinders people from achieving what they set out to do.

4. Make a list of your strengths and of the traits that please you. You will want these to be part of your plan for getting where you want to be.

5. Locate and read articles and books that match your goals.
6. Make time in your schedule for reflection and relaxation.

7. Give yourself credit for the things you do right, whether it involves a good decision or a way you spent your time.

8. Identify and follow-up on resources that will help you network among people of similar interests and goals.

9. Look at how you accept compliments. Can you be gracious and acknowledge them fully? How about criticism and conflict?  Is there room for improvement. If so, consider how you can change that.

10. Be positive and avoid getting stuck thinking only about your mistakes. Learn from your mistake and keep going toward your goal.

Maintain a journal or other written record of your experiences, including your answers to the first four suggestions here. This will keep you on track and accountable to your plan and will enable you to vent frustrations as well as celebrate successes.

Keep yourself in good health in order to live life to the fullest while you are on your path to reaching the goals you established. You will make mistakes from time to time, so learn to be gentle with yourself when the road gets rough. Push yourself when your attitudes and energy are at a high level and throttle back when that sense of being overwhelmed begins to creep in.

Invest in your relationships and friendships and keep them as priorities. Nurture your relationship with yourself as well and value yourself as you move forward on the path leading to your destination.

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