Reasons Why People are Mean

People who are mean may have issues with low self esteem. They may not be happy with who they are or where they are and take their frustrations out on others.

It’s not an easy task dealing with someone who is mean. They may put you down and think nothing of it. Mean people are not happy with themselves and put others down to make themselves feel better. They may be in a job or career that they are not satisfied with or didn’t complete their education but wish they did. Dealing with these people can be quite difficult, especially when the insults never cease.

Reasons why they are mean

1. They have low self-esteem.

2. They had a bad childhood.

3.They are dissatisfied with their job or career.

4. They want to get their way.

5. They want to make more money.

6. They just want to be controlling.

7. They are jealous of your accomplishments.

8. They were exposed to negative experiences.

9. They dislike themselves.

10. They believe that they are superior to others.

If at all possible try to avoid these people because they will try to bring you down. You may feel emotionally drained when you are in constant contact with these type of people. No one deserves to experience insults and put downs. Be proud of your accomplishments. Try to come in contact with positive people. Being exposed to negative vibes can create a negative and hostile environment.

Many men are guilty of being mean, one may see these men as emotional abusive, mental abusers, or physical abusers. They really need help but many may not want to get it. It’s sad that people go through their lives treating people in a mean manner. No one deserves to be treated unfairly. Insults and mean actions will cause others to be distant and resentful. 

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  1. I wish those people who are mean to consider others too.

  2. I shy away from mean people. I am a peace-loving soul.

  3. I Had a best friend who turned out to be the meanest person in the world. She hasn’t talked to me since 1991.

  4. A lot of mean people are all mouth and you\\\\\\\’re right, controlling too, among a lot of other things. It\\\\\\\’s learned behavior. More sinister are the ones that undermine and are mean-spirited but pretend sweetness. That\\\\\\\’s downright scary! This is a great article and I wish someone finds themselves within it! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Internalized inadequacies are what comes to mind.

  6. They have no right to take it out on others, they have to grow-up sometime, good post thanks

  7. Spot on. People who are nasty usually do have a self esteem problem and try and reflect it on others. Good share.

  8. I don’t understand why there are people out there like this. I don’t think there is any excuse for it. great share

  9. Mean people bother me too.

  10. Nice share!

  11. Great insightful and thought provoking post, thanks..

  12. 10 good reasons, indeed!

  13. Well written, thank you. And thank you for your support.

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