Relieve Stress in Your Life

A few helpful pointers that will add years to your life.

When you find yourself angry, count to ten before responding – this allows you to keep the bad words to yourself.

Before speaking, make sure what you are about to say is something you wouldn’t mind hearing told to you – you’d be amazed at what you decided to keep to yourself.

When you feel the need to confront someone, take a moment to reflect on the good things that person has done – this will calm your tone and adrenalin dramatically.

Keep positive affirmations around you – especially as you start your day.  One affirmation can change the whole outlook of your day.

Instead of wondering what others are doing or not doing, for example, your peers; know that you have already given your 120% – this will reduce your stress of worrying about others.  Actually you won’t even care.

Worry less about the action and focus more on the result.

I hope you have added more years to your life just by reading these!

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  1. Nice article Linda.Keep it up!

  2. I’m gonna try doing that when i’m stressed… just count to ten!

  3. nice article very informative…

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