Schizoid Personality Disorder: The Signs and Symptoms

Personality disorders are seemingly on the rise, although this is not known whether it is down to better research or an actual increase in prevalence. Schizoid personality disorder is a disorder where the person tends to shy away from the world, so here are the signs and symptoms.

Schizoid personality disorder is where generally the person with the disorder will shy away from everyone and the world. This is because they like to be alone and spend time with themselves, with little interaction from anybody else. Another part of the disorder is that they often suffer from anxiety that makes them recluse and be alone as well.

The main characteristics of somebody with schizoid personality disorder, or SPD as otherwise known, are cold, aloof and indifferent. These three features combined can cause further problems, like in society. They also have difficulty with interpersonal relationships and many people with schizoid personality disorder do not marry, and some remain celibate because of their disinterest in other people.

Another common feature of people with schizoid personality disorder is that they feel lost and alone. They kind of contradict themselves a lot because they rather spend time alone, yet they feel lonely. Apparently this is because, due to a bad experience- maybe in childhood, they hide themselves and long for relationships and intimacy but when it actually comes down to it they feel suffocated.

They also like to control relationships on their own terms and not by another person.

The Signs And Symptoms ( Adapted From DSM & WHO)

  • Chooses solitary activities over ones in groups.
  • Doesn’t want or like being part of close relationships, including friendships and families.
  • Not interested in sex, especially with another person. Or has some interest but still very little.
  • Has very few friends.
  • Appears to be not bothered by praise or criticism.
  • Does not enjoy many activities, if any.
  • Is emotionally cold, or shows no obvious emotion.
  • Does not follow social normality’s.
  • Lives in a fairly pre-occupied fantasy world.

People with schizoid personality disorder seem to be fairly complex people, that prefer to hide behind a persona rather than show their true selves.

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