Scoleciphobia: The Fear of Worms

Definition of Scoleciphobia or the fear of worms. This article provides information on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this phobia.

Scoleciphobia is an intense, irrational fear of worms. The scoleciphobic person may also generalize this fear to include anything that looks like a worm. This might include caterpillars, maggots, grubs, tapeworms, etc. One might logically assume that the individual coping with Scoleciphobia may fear being infested or contaminated. These individuals may refuse to go outdoors after rain or completely avoid gardening.

Sometimes referred to as Vermiphobia, Scoleciphobia derives from the Greek “skolex”, meaning worm, maggot or grub and “phobos” meaning fear.

What Causes Scoleciphobia?

As with all phobias, the person impacted by Scoleciphobia has experienced some trauma at some time in their life. Thereafter, that traumatic experience is automatically and consistently associated with worms.

Perhaps the scoleciphobic individual watched the fearful and negative response of others when confronted with worms and learned to imitate that reaction. Maybe, as a child, this person was the victim of a practical joke that involved worms. Maybe the person compromised by this phobia simply didn’t like worms and over time, a full fledged phobia developed.

Whatever the cause, the scoleciphobic person can experience anxiety and turmoil that is completely disruptive to their ability to function.

What Are the Symptoms of Scoleciphobia?

The symptoms of Scoleciphobia are individual and will vary person to person. Some people, when confronted with their fear of worms, may begin to perspire, feel slightly uncomfortable or become nauseated. At the opposite end of the spectrum, other people are so severely compromised by this phobia, that they may experience crippling anxiety and/or panic attacks.

Other symptoms of Scoleciphobia may include:

  • A Dry Mouth
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Numbness
  • Heightened Senses
  • Breathlessness
  • Feeling Dizzy
  • Muscle Tension
  • Hyperventilation
  • Trembling
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Feeling Out of Control
  • Feeling Trapped and Unable to Escape
  • Intense Feeling of Impending Disaster

How Is Scoleciphobia Diagnosed?

The vast majority of cases of Scoleciphobia are self-diagnosed. The individual realizes that their fear of worms is irrational and is severely compromising their ability to function on a daily basis.

The scoleciphobic person may discuss their phobia with the primary physician. Rarely would the doctor diagnosis Scoleciphobia based on that initial discussion with the patient. More routinely, after ruling out any medical reason for this phobia, the doctor will refer the person to a mental health professional for comprehensive assessment and evaluation.

How Is Scoleciphobia Treated?

When the fear of worms becomes intense enough to disrupt an individual’s ability to function, there are a number of ways to treat Scoleciphobia.

These can include:

  • A referral from the primary physician to a therapist who specializes in the treatment of phobias.
  • Traditional “talk” therapy that will teach the person to recognize and control their phobia.
  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Exposure Therapy.
  • Self-help techniques such as purposeful muscle relaxation.
  • Support groups with other people who are coping with this specific phobia.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Desensitization Therapy.
  • Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualization.
  • In severe cases of Scoleciphobia, anti-anxiety medication can be prescribed.

Scoleciphobia is an intense, irrational fear of worms. Sometimes that fear can become so overwhelming as to completely halt a person’s ability to function on a daily basis. Unchecked, Scoleciphobia can become a debilitating condition that interferes with an individual’s personal life, their social life and job responsibilities. Untreated, Scoleciphobia can have a devastating impact on every aspect of a person’s life.

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  1. I only fear certain worms, maggots, potato worms, round worms pinworms. tape worms are tolerable if the cats or dogs have them but they still freak me out. Meal worms which in my book are large maggots are off limits so no fishing for me! Earthworms are o.k. Is this still a phobia? I experience uncontrollable irrational screaming. Heart Palpitations severe itching and anxiety.

  2. I can’t stand thinking about anything that looks like worm and I want to just vomit and go crazy when I see a worm or anything like it. I’m extremely grossed out and scared of catepillars, grubbs, maggots, just any kind of worm! I get so tensed up and I can’t get the picture of a worm out of my head. Makes me want to vomit and past put urgh! This is exactly how I feel about worms they creep out and gross me out I won’t tell any one except my close friends and fam because I’m scared that they think im lying or exaggerating which they may pull a prank and that is something I fear!

  3. i came to this page since i really want to know the specific term for my phobia… i am a very brave girl especially in confronting people, walking in the dark, i don’t even believe in ghosts, i fear nobody, but when it comes to worms, i don’t know what’s happening with me…i tremble then sometimes i get sick whenever i encounter close contact to worms…eeew!!!

  4. am I the only one who passes out when I even go close to a worm? I cant go outside when it rains…

  5. Ha! same here, Savage. I’m a fearless tomboy all around, but when it comes to worms, I’m really grossed out. Earth worms and harmless fruit worms and caterpillars are ok, but still disgusting. What I really fear are parasites. Even the thought of having one makes me dizzy. …Maybe because they’re some of the few things things I can’t fight off with my fists :)
    It’s 4 AM now, and I can’t go back to sleep because of this stupid nightmare I had about these parasites >_<

  6. I totally had to check out this page to see if my fear was justified or curable….I thought I was the only one, my friends and family think Im kind of crazy when they see my reaction to seeing or passing or even thinkin about a worm. Any kind of worm freaks me out, caterpillar, maggots, even snakes(they remind me of an oversized worms). I start to hyperventilate and hallucinate them being on me and have panic attacks. Unless I see them, I dont think about them unless I see them and I dont go crazy unless I see them so it doesnt really affect my everyday life. Is it still scoleciphobia though or does scoleciphobia have to affect your everyday life?

  7. I can’t believe there is actually a name for this. And that there are other people like me out there. Amazing! I dont garden, go fishing,etc because of my fear of worms. If i see a worm, i have to check my food and can only drink clear liquids because I’m afraid one might have gotten in somehow.

  8. my mom makes me garden because she doesn\’t understand how scared I am. I don\’t mind going out when it rains so much as digging in the dirt. Because then you have to get closed to them. My reaction is i start becoming itchy and i\’ll begin to cry uncontrollably. No one can talk sense into me. if they\’re on the ground and i\’m standing i usually run and i might cry but its only major when I\’m close. I like to garden but I can\’t

  9. Idk if I’m phobic of worms or not but any kind of grub, worm, or any kind of worm like figure for that matter (except caterpillars some of them look cute) freak me the hell out. I dread walking to my classes in the rain and I’m always staring at the ground looking for them so to avoid them and if I come across one and it is totally in my way I will cross the street and walk from there. My friends laughed at me because after it had been raining one time we were walking (at night) so I was looking for the buggers and the moment I saw one I screamed and darted. So idk if I’m phobic of them or just TERRIFIED.

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


    i cant even take a look at it!!!!


  11. worms totally gross me out!!! o my gosh im really short w. red hair. totally gay but still…

  12. Even the thought of any kind of worm freaks me out. my heart goes crazy i panic and dont want to got outside, near water, mud, cant fish, go outside after it rains, see pictures of worms, cant be near animals with worms, i have to over cook my meat. I have a sever fear of worms. I have nightmares, i freak out and start to panic and halucinate…i feel like they are all around me all the time.

  13. I hate worms and anything that looks like it !!!! I panik !! I cry !! I feel them all over me
    !! I have to run !!! I literally stop breathing. And this is as long as for I can
    Remember. I hate gardening, I hate it when it rains at nite and I have to go out
    Its suicide for me. I stepped on 1 once. Omg !!! I was traumatized !!
    I cried all day ! And I’m 21 !!!!! Its bad !! But now I know m not the only 1
    My biggest fear is like a worm parasite. Like tape worm or ring worm,
    Idk if I could take it, ill go crazy or zikotik !!!!

  14. Just a day before yesterday, my younger cousin pulled a prank on me that has something to do with worms, because we got into a fight and I accidentally told her that I despise worms. Then on our way home from school, she accidentally stepped on a puddle (’cause it was raining) and she must’ve seen the smug look on my face so, she chased me around with a big fat looking earthworm that looks like a giant maggot!!! She might’ve thought that my fear of worms was nothing serious so, she pulled that childish prank on me!! I practically jumped out of my skin and cried on the way home, I was seriously scared, I was screaming so loud, and I was crying so hard. I got really mad at my cousin so I stopped talking to her.

    I loathe worms! I thought I was the only one that goes crazy or hyperventilate whenever I get close to one. Yesterday, I had to watch every step I take since there were bajillion of them and whenever I get close to stepping on one I just scream and run (I walk to school). My friends thinks it’s pretty funny, but at least they understand that I’m really scared of them, it’s just that they think it’s funny.

  15. From reading these comments, I wish I were grossed out by worms rather than scared of them.
    This fear is seriously ruining my life.
    When I check the weather and see rain, I can’t breathe, I can’t see clearly, my heart starts racing, basically all those symptoms listed, all because I know what comes along with rain.

    I wish people would take this more seriously as a real mental disorder.

    I’m crying now thinking about it.

  16. i dont know if i actually have a phobia of worms. today, i saw about 10 worms wriggling around in the mud and my palms got sweaty and i felt like i was going to vomit. ive never liked worms even though thay dont bite. they\’re just sooo slimy and creepy!!! ewwwwwww :( :0 >_<

  17. I have always hated worms they gross me out SOOOO much! If I see a worm, i will back away screaming ‘Ewwwwwwwwwww!”
    Father’s day last year was horrible. My dad took me fishing and he bought a bucket of worms and made me hold it in the car. I was so groosed out! One of my worst images would be me dropped into this dark pit full of worms. I would be screaming sooo loud, so i guess that i have scoleciphobia!

  18. when it rains i am seriously scared. i think worms are gross but more then that i have a deep sense of fear. i freeze up, want to cry, have a panick attack, hyperventalate…get dizzy and tremble…
    i wish more people would realize the difference between a fear and a phobia!

  19. I’m terrified of earthworms! They are so disgusting to me that when I see one squilling around I feel sick and light headed/heart starts pounding. Yesterday I went out in the rain and one was crawling it’s way towards me, I couldn’t move…had to call my boyfriend to carry me to the front steps. I actually started crying. I have this feeling that they are going to crawl up my legs. This all started as a kid…other kids collecting a bunch of them and throwing them up in the air. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it.

  20. I hear ya! Isn’t it awful!? I hate it when it rains

  21. I don’t know how you held that bucket….I think if you had a serious phobia you wouldn’t have been able to do that. I know I probably would’ve passed out or started bawling.

  22. Thank goodness I\’m not the only with this fear! No one believes that I am terrified of worms. Any type of worm or anything that relates to a worm is too much for me to handle. The way they look and crawl just gives me the chills, I cannot handle being around a worm. Bring on any other type of animal and I can deal with it, spiders is the least of my fears. I cannot and will never garden. And next year I\’m supposed to dissect a worm for anatomy I don\’t know what I\’m going to do. : (

  23. i thought i was the only person with this fear. no one in my family believes me when i say i am mortified by the thought of worms and anything worm-like. and i hate going outside when it rains, its the worst. but im still in school so when it rains in the morning i dont have a choice. everyone just thinks im being irrational. its good to know that im not crazy or alone in this.

  24. I am so glad that I’m not the only one with a worm phobia. when I was in school, I would have to ask my little sister to give me piggy back rides across the street after it rained to catch the school bus because I would not walk near them. I dont tell anybody of my phobia for fear of them chasing me with the stupid worms. My biggest fear is finding out I have a tapeworm inside of me or something, just like that show Monsters Inside Me.

  25. I am so glad I\’m not the only one scared of worm. I\’m totally scared of all worms. I can\’t even go outside when it rains. I try to avoid them all the time.

  26. Oh my Word guys..m soo glad m not the only one with this phobia..its raining season and these damn worms are everywhere..its driving me phobia started when i was still a child..m 19 this year-thot i would grow out of it,but i guess not…i begin to cry,my heart rate increases i go out of controll-ppl laugh at me,they say i exxagerate,m throughing a diva fit and what not..iv been struggling since pre primary till biggest fear is the miilipede..i hate it guys..iv been 2 a physcologist 4 many months but still didnt get the help that i needed..i wish there was sum kind of treatment like medication or somthing..coz this exposure therapy thing aint gonna work!!!

  27. Hi Wormzaresiff, My heart goes out to you, but I’d like to say that your strength is also clear in your comment. As stated, in my article, there are medications that can help. I’m no doctor, but perhaps that is where you should start – with your doc who can prescribe the appropriat and most effective treatment.

    In the meantime, I wish you all the best in your healing.

  28. I thought I was the only one with a phobia of worms but I can’t take it I’ve only told one person, sopposly my best friend until he chased me around with a worm. : / I hate this fear I can’t see a picture of a tape worm or I go crazy I have a panic attack and run like crazy. That’s my biggest fear a parisite and having to take meds and see them in your bowl movement yuck!!! So for as therapy I think hypnotic therapy will work but exposure? I’ve heard they make you hold one and make you keep one as a pet! Yuck!

  29. I don’t even say yuck when I see them! My heart races and I think I am going to die because they are going to kill me. It’s like their purpose in existence. To kill. With parasites, it is the truth. I feel like they are the Devil’s work.

  30. I don\’t even say yuck when I see them! My heart races and I think I am going to die because they are going to kill me. It\’s like their purpose in existence. To kill. With parasites, it is the truth. I feel like they are the Devil\’s work.

  31. they do grows me out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hi…I too am so terrified of worms that I can not even go outside
    during or after a rain. I have even attempted to go to the mailbox but as soon as I see an earthworm…..I FREEZE!!
    I can even smell them and get deathly sick at my stomach.
    I am 56 years old and have had this problem for at least 40 years. There seems to be no answer. My family and close friends know about my phobia but I tend to keep it from others in fear of pranks etc. that they might think funny. I understand fully what you’re talking about.

  33. I have had this fear since I was a little girl. I remember being 8 and staying in class tclean the board erasers to avoid going outside. I don’t know what happen to cause this fear but I get the worse panic attacks. I get heart palpitations, headaches from the aftermath of the panic attack, can’t breath and avoid work or school. I wish I can get over it but I can’t even see gummy worms. My son thinks it’s funny and my husband thinks I am silly but I can’t control it. If I am flipping through text books and there are worms I flip out. I have to laugh at myself sometimes but others I am irritated to feel this way. I am afraid to seek help as I do not want to be exposed to them. Other than that I am comfortable with other things. I am not afraid of scary movies, walking in a dark place, nothing causes me this much panic.

  34. My family and I went to my grandma’s house to paint her fence. We had to dig a little bit around the posts so we could paint further down and cover it back with dirt. My whole family knows I am terrified of worms and my little brother who was about 10 at the time picked up a worm and threw it at me. I screamed bloody murder and fainted. I remembered waking up on the couch with a cold towel on my head and I screamed again, grabbed the towel off my head, imagining it was a worm, and threw it before I started sobbing. I don’t know what caused me to be so scared. I’ve never had a traumatic experiance before this one that cause me to be scared. I halucinated a giant worm squirming down the road one night walking in the dark and I had to call my mom and have her come get me.

  35. I am so happy that I’m not the only one. Kids would chase me around at school with worms in their hands. I’ve skipped days of school because it was raining and that meant i had to face all the earth worms on the ground. I’ve held a snake and tarantula in my hand before and i wasn’t scared but just to see a worm..*shudder* I can’t stand it

  36. I have extreme fear of worms and anything that cripple, especially EARTHWORMS!! and they are everywhere. i can’t even think of walking outside after slight rain, or even when it’s not a bit cloudy, I fear that worms might feel the moisture in the air and come out to the surface…. I’m 100% sure I’m scoleciphobic, and this started causing relationship problems; because i wouldn’t even dare go outside when it’s cloudy or rainy… I’m scared to see a therapist because i don’t want them to make me deal worms by doing exposure therapy;

  37. I\’m glad I\’m not the only one that has this sort of problem. I\’m taking Psychology and I learned it\’s classified as a disorder, so I started to think that there was something really wrong with me. This type of phobia is usually said to be a condition response usually, so the fear of worms they is usually related to some other traumatizing event in your life. I don\’t know if that\’s the case for me, I don\’t really remember anything other than being terrified of worms from a young age. I can\’t think of them, I can\’t look at pictures of them, I can\’t eat gummy worms, I especially can\’t go near them because I\’ll start panicking and sometimes cry. It\’s not even that I\’m grossed out by them, I\’m just terrified of them…. Rainy days cause me to stay inside all day and sometimes even days after it stops raining because I know they might still be out there…

  38. I don’t mind any worm, except Maggots. I once saw some Maggots in a rubbish bin, and I just freaked out, and I just kept running and running and running until I wasn’t In town anymore :S

  39. Hi my names siana, and im 21. And i am terrified of worms or worm types. I cant even bring myself to look at a picture if one. No one seens to know how bad this fear is, i know its a stupid fear but i cant do anything about it, if u see one i feel like its inside me. U cry, shake, hyperventerlate (cant spell it) heart races, i totaly panic, i am either rooted to the spot if im cornerd or surrounded, or i flee abd put as much distance between us. If i have had ab encounter u will have nightmares, always the same in my street surrounded by millions of long earth worms, what gets me about them most is when they riggle. Snakes also freak me out but not as much. If im eating and think about worms i cannot eat any more incase there is a worm in my food, even tho i know there is not and ive made the food. Same with drinks that i cant see through. MY WORST MOMENT !! My worst moment was when it had been raining late at night, me and my mam were walking our dog down the street, when i notuced something out of the corner of my eye, and when i looked it was my worst fear i was surrounded by hundreds of earth worms all about 1-2 feet in length, my mam gad noticed them before me but said nothing hoping i wudnt notice, i froze to the spot i cudnt move i started crying and shaking i was terrified, my mam cudnt calm me down so she had to phone for my dad to come down and give me a piggyback back home. About 30 mins before writing this my boyfriend didnt believe me when i told him how bad my phobia is. So he wer telling me that i had worms inside me, lets just say he now knows how bad this phobia is and i am not making it up when i tell people IM SCARED OF WORMS

  40. ugghhh this fits me to a T! i only found this website because i ended up missing my mandatory 3 hr class today all because it was raining! as soon as i stepped outside i saw worms everywhere! i ended up having a panic attack basically so i had to go back inside :( i hate this feeling..i wish i wasn’t such a pussy when it came to worms…

  41. OMG i almost forgot to put this…a long time ago i had a dream i was walking to the bus stop at my old house, and there were hundreds of worms scattered EVERYWHERE. and as soon as i was about to go back inside all the worms lifted their heads simultaneously and looked at me! it was the most horrifying dream ever!!!!!

  42. Disliking something and a phobia of something is two completly different things, to me not all these comments are about phobias. Know the difference people. Its like i dont like being sick (of course who does?) but i dont have a phobia of it !!!

  43. This is amazing, I thought I was alone in this fear of worms. I have a severe case of this, ever since I can remember I have been fearful of earthworms and night crawlers. Even typing out the word gives me the heebie jeebies, I can\’t go outside if it\’s raining and the weather is warm for the fear of seeing a worm. I remember as a kid, I was late for the bus so I started running to my bus stop, it had just rained earlier and all of a sudden, right in the middle of the road, I stopped and froze because when I looked down, there were night crawlers everywhere. I couldn\’t move, my muscles tensed, I felt like I was out of breath, I started crying. Needless to say, I missed my bus, because it took me 45 minutes to tiptoe my way back home. In high school, for science class, we had to dissect and hold a live worm in our hand for observation. When the teacher came to me, I panicked and ran out of the class. My kids came home with a new DVD one day called, How to Eat Fried Worms….to me, that is a horror movie. I can\’t even stand to look at the cover. I won\’t dig in the dirt if my life depended on it. I\’ve even gone into panic mode while walking on the sidewalk on a day and happen to catch a glimpse of a dried up dead worm of a stick the looked like a worm. I don\’t go fishing for fear of seeing someone bait a worm on their hooks or even pull out one of those rubbery worms. I refuse to buy gummy worms for my kids, and I freak out if I\’m flipping through a picture book and there is a picture of a worm…even if it\’s in a birds beak. I stay clear of Bait Shops because I know they have buckets of worms just chilling in their refrigerators. But the strange thing is snakes and catepillars don\’t bother me, they gross me out, but I don\’t freeze up and panic when I see them. I wouldn\’t ever be able to go on a show like Fear Factor because my luck, they would find out my fear and try to put me in a box with worms.

  44. I can handle earthworms but every other kind of worm I can’t stand. But that only applies to actual worms, caterpillars don’t bother me either. Maggots do though but that may be a completely unrelated fear.

  45. Hi just read your letter on worms, you have described it just as it is for me a bloody nightmare.

  46. I made the mistake of reading some of the experiences written here. I had to stop because getting a clear vision of a worm even through text just creeps the living hell out of me. It doesn’t rain a lot where I live, so thankfully I don’t have to deal with them on a regular basis, but when a random out pops out now and then, man do I go ballistic. I can’t get that creepy slimy image out of my mind and I keep seeing it everywhere! Last year, I had the misfortune of discovering not only one, but three different kind of worms in the old apartment I was living in. I instantly started screaming and locked myself in my bedroom, terrified, until I was promised the ‘creature’ (I even hate using the word!) had been killed and taken out of the house! And what was even worse – my roomate was as terrified of them as I was! We would both lock ourselves in our bedrooms and call our friends and beg them to come take care of it! I JUST HATE THOSE CREEPY SLIMY SATANIC CREATURES!

  47. I don’t experience the need to avoid going outside after rain, but I do avoid gardening altogether because I feel sick at the thought of accidentally touching a worm. I also sometimes feel uncomfortable sitting on grass because I think of the worms that could be moving just below me and that I may even be touching one. In fact, typing this and thinking about it make me feel physically uncomfortable. I get this creepy tingly feeling in my feet that resonates up to my hands and just makes me feel overall gross. I guess you’d call it the heebie jeebies lmao, but seriously, worms disgust me xD

    I’ve also cried upon realizing that I was in the same room with a bin full of worms during my biology lab. That got me a few strange looks.

  48. I am reading all of these comments, particularly yours and cracking up. I am currently hiding in my basement apartment, thankful for the thunderstorm (which I’m also terrified of) so I have an excuse to stay in. I sat outside on my steps for half an hour yesterday and went back out 2hrs later to find 2 dried up worms in front of the step…they were not there before! I went out again about 30 mins ago, and one is actually on the step!!!!! There are so many reasons why I could have this phobia; the movie Squirm, boys throwing worms at the girls or placing them on the bus seat…I don’t know. What I do know is walking outside after a rainfall is the hardest thing for me. Every step is calculated and I cry! 32 years old and I cry! My heart races, my body tenses up and I have to talk myself through every little step. When I was a kid, my sister brought a couple in the house to “irrigate” the soil of a flower pot and left them there!!! I stayed and babysat them so they wouldn’t get out…which they tried to do! It was horrible. I had a popsickle stick that I was holding at the very tip, knocking them over the head when they stuck it out..BAWLING the whole time. Its good to know I’m not alone because it really is an irrational fear.

  49. I am reading all of these comments, particularly yours and cracking up. I am currently hiding in my basement apartment, thankful for the thunderstorm (which I\\\’m also terrified of) so I have an excuse to stay in. I sat outside on my steps for half an hour yesterday and went back out 2hrs later to find 2 dried up worms in front of the step…they were not there before! I went out again about 30 mins ago, and one is actually on the step!!!!! There are so many reasons why I could have this phobia; the movie Squirm, boys throwing worms at the girls or placing them on the bus seat…I don\\\’t know. What I do know is walking outside after a rainfall is the hardest thing for me. Every step is calculated and I cry! 32 years old and I cry! My heart races, my body tenses up and I have to talk myself through every little step. When I was a kid, my sister brought a couple in the house to \\\”irrigate\\\” the soil of a flower pot and left them there!!! I stayed and babysat them so they wouldn\\\’t get out…which they tried to do! It was horrible. I had a popsickle stick that I was holding at the very tip, knocking them over the head when they stuck it out..BAWLING the whole time. Its good to know I\\\’m not alone because it really is an irrational fear.

  50. Omg. So I’m so glad to know I’m not alone with this phobia. I was just downstairs making ramen noodles and I saw a millipede crawling across my kitchen floor. I literally hung up on my bf (fearing that he would laugh when I flipped) and went completely ape shit. I felt like i was about to pass out. Now I can’t even eat my soup, I feel sick to my stomach, I want to vomit and scream out of uncontrollable fear and anger, and now my asthma has flared up because I have anxiety. I realized that I have this fear because when I was little my sister thought it was funny to wiggle a worm over me and my cousins while we were in the backseat of a car. I remember it hanging right over me and squirming so I jump over on my cousins lap and it fell in the middle where I was sitting. I’ll never forget that. Now I REFUSE to garden and I HATE anything that even looks like a worm. Not to mention that I feel like a prisoner in my own home now. :’( I think I need real help…anything EXCEPT exposure therapy, I think I’d go into cardiac arrest. :( maybe a support group would help….idk.

  51. i have a fear of stepping on worms and squashing bugs. that squishy sounds gives me the creps just seein bug guts and the sound of it cracking. gives me the shiver i used to love doing that.. now i fear it why?

  52. I have always hated grubs, such as maggots, mealworms, etc. Recently it grew to a fully-fledged fear, it’s calmed down a tiny bit now, but we had to look for insects in a pile of leaves, and I couldn’t stop squealing when we found a grub. Not screaming, just quietly having a small panic attack. I was backed up against the wall, luckily nobody noticed but the people in my class group, and they didn’t care. Then I plucked up the courage to look at it, and I suddendly wished it would die. At least I know I’m not alone with this phobia/ I’m just hoping it’s a phase. I just hate grubs, and segmented worms. Suprisingly, I’m fine with earthworms, but nothing else. I just hate the way they move in paticular, and their freakishly small faces. I panic and run away, or back up against the nearest wall, and stare at them, hoping they would die and felling like I’m going to vomit. *sigh*

  53. I am very freaked when it comes to worms or anything that looks like one,I feel my heart racing and this weird feeling every time I encounter one,I don\’t like doing gardening or anything that involves having contact with the family make fun of me because I\’m afraid of them,but I just get that being said,could it be possible that I appear from scoleciphobia?

  54. Please help,i am obsessed with worms,i am so terrified of them,sometimes i have this feeling that i have intestinal worms and i just go and drink vinegar and eat garlic,i have nightmares with them and i wake up all sweaty and shaking,sometimes i get paranoic ,i feel like they are all around me,when it rains outside and the worms get out of the ground i don’t even leave the house and if i happen to see one i get panic attacks.This thing also happens with snakes but only when i see a free one,when i see them at a exhibit or something like that i don’t panic.Anyway my worm phobia is getting worser and worser,today i tought i saw one and i started crying because i dont know i am sure i have intestinal worms from some reason and i just don’t want to

  55. Omg!!! I have had this phobia for at least 22 23 years and I’m only 28…and trust me its not “fear” its definately a phobia…you guys are very brave for even spelling out the words of the things or the things of its nature I can’t do it…even reading the article or comments grosses me out..I have nevere never never walked barefoot in the grass because u know when u lift a log that’s been on the grass for a min u see them under there well I feel like if I stand in the grass in one spot too long they’re gonna be right there on the bottoms of my feet!!! Omg I’m gettin the heebie jeebies. I can’t eat anyyyy kind of rice , no spaghetti noodles. If I’m cooking onions they can NEVER be sliced they have to be diced into cubes..and if anyone mentions anything about the things I won’t be able to eat my meal that day…if I see one outside or on tv even sometimes I can’t eat for days!!!!I get soooo frustrated but won’t even think about getting help for it because I’m not kidding that exposure thearapy stuff would get someones ass whooped!! Sorry but its family and close friends know better than to even play about the things…I need help in the worst way I know I do but its just not an option I would probably literally die…but I’m sooo glad to finally know there is an actual phobia like this I just thought I was the only one and that I had some true mental issues which I probably do but I aatleast I’m not alone lol!

  56. I am a little relieved to know that there are others like me. I have had this intense fear of caterpillars or anything that resembles a caterpillar for as long as I can remember (I am 36 years old.) I live in the Mid-South and I am ready to relocate to another part of the country. I was researching different areas trying to figure out where I can live with the least likelihood of having to deal with caterpillars. In doing so I stumbled upon this page. My husband doesn’t seem to understand how imperative it is that we move somewhere with no caterpillars. This phobia is debilitating. I develop hives and hyperventilate at the sight of a caterpillar screen saver on a computer. There is a scene during the opening credits of one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead, with a centipede scurrying around. I have to leave the room until the show starts or have him fast forward through. Can anyone recommend an area in the United States with no caterpillars, centipedes, millipedes, giant desert centipedes, etc. My family lives in San Antonio and we considered moving there but when I researched caterpillars and San Antonio I found a lot of disturbing information. There are people in San Antonio that can not go out on their patios because there are hundreds of caterpillars. I would die. Some people have commented about having to swerve their jeeps to miss them in the road. And apparently southern Texas is a feeding ground for migrating monarchs. They lay eggs on milkweed. All of this is terribly upsetting. Any suggestions on where I can live and not have to deal with the consequences of this phobia would be greatly appreciated.

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