Self-esteem Care

How do you care for your Self-Esteem?

Often you hear of successful relationships and healthy self-esteem go together, but do you know what it actually means in reality?

Not everybody has the self-esteem issue worked out, most people have problems with self-esteem, and this is more now than before.  There are many problems with dating, and positive aspects too,  that come up through each individual’s level of self-acceptance.

Reasons for low self-esteem, and how does it affect you?

Self-esteem problems come after a blow to  a person’s self-worth, like the job losses, financial crisis, health, injuries, weight gain, sexual performances, or the the marital insights.   A divorce can ruin a person’s life in many ways,  one feels judged by the other,  and criticized.

Major life changes happens, and one tends to develop certain kind of behaviours  to protect themselves, some don’t want to date because of past experiences, a level of anxiety, fear, is increased, and don’t want to take a chance on losing anymore.

How people with low self-esteem act and feel?

If an individual has a low level of self-acceptance, they don’t treat themselves with respect, and feel worthless.

Those with self-acceptance issues work harder than their partner at  the relationship, and fear they will lose the other person, also one becomes paranoid, are not able to stand up for themselves, and tolerate rudeness, verbal abuse, and other unacceptable behaviour.

One with a low self-esteem is distrustful, feeling less worthy  than the other  person, they worry about being found out soon, and their partner won’t want to be  with them anymore, so they tend to be something they are not,  don’t reveal any  truth, and live behind a mask.

How does low self-esteem hurt relationships?

Why can’t people just be good partners, even if they don’t like themselves?

Enhancing your self-acceptance in a relationship, and receiving the positive emotions are priceless validations.  However, if you  require that validation to feel good about yourself, it distorts the relationship, your worthiness must come from your partner.

Others see you,  as you view yourself.

Naturally you are drawn to those who accept themselves, be it  a lover or a co-worker, you want that confidence and comfort

If you don’t accept yourself, independent of your partner, then your partner won’t accept you either,  you become the        jello in their mold

You should regard self-acceptance in dating or relationships, as your number one rule.


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  1. nice share , motivating

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  4. Self esteem is so important to have. Very good article!

  5. Nice article. Best way to improve self-esteem for me is doing better in everything I do. Success leads to higher self-esteem.

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  7. Good Article.

  8. You made some very good points. Some people have a hard time accepting others for who they are. This may be the reason why some people have to work at it more than others because they allow others judgments to affect them. Good one!

  9. Learned much today.

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