Seven Ways to Make Yourself Happy Once Again

Being depressed is very bad for your health. Get yourself happy once again.

Have you fallen in a rut lately and your not sure how to get out of it. Feeling down and depressed is bad for your health. You body knows your different feelings and reacts to them. Being happy helps your body stay healthy. Follow some of these tips to be happy once again.

1.Do something Positive

Do something for someone else that makes you feel good as a person. It could be anything like donating cash to a good cause or donating your time to a senior citizen. The choice is yours. As long as it makes you feel like you did something positive.

2. Joy of Living

Everyday you should try and do something that shows you just how beautiful the world is. If you have a nice park or garden near by, then go there. Walk around and just enjoy the fresh air. Getting your self out of the house to enjoy nature is one of the best cures for depression. Forget about everything else that’s going on and just focus on nature. Look at what is around you and enjoy the sites.

3. Laughter

Everyone knows that laughing is really good for the heart. That means that you should try and laugh every day. Watch a comedy movie or if you have a funny friend then maybe ask them over or take them out to lunch once a week. If you have kids that are around toddler age, then get on the floor and play with them. They will do some funny things when they know someones watching them. Toddlers love to entertain people. If all else fails turn on cartoon network and prepare for spongebob and his silly ways. Spongebob is a sure way to get some laughs out.

4. People around you

Get to know the people around you better. If you don’t know your neighbors then go introduce your self to them. You never know you may have a new best friend just waiting for you there. If you don’t make a new best friend then just talking with them should make you feel a bit better. Talking can help you reduce you anxieties which will make you feel better. If you have new neighbors that moved in, go ask them if they need help. They may need to go to the grocery store but have no clue how to get there. Helping them get use to their surroundings will make you feel like a better person.

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