Simple Tips to Improve Your Overall Health

Your health largely depends on your lifestyle. If you maintain good food habits, exercising habits, good lifestyle and good mental health, your overall health will improve naturally. Please continue reading…..

Eating habits: Your eating habits can have a great impact on your health. If you follow good eating habits, your health will definitely improve. You should take more of vegetables and fruits. You can eat some fruits and vegetables raw. For  example, you can eat apple, grapes, amla, banana, papaya, guava, pomegranate, tomato, carrot raw. So try your best to eat such fruits and vegetables raw to get more benefits. You should never skip breakfast. Fruits like pomegranate, amla, watermelon, apple,guava, banana are very good for your health. You should try to avoid junk food, fried foods, frozen foods and processed foods. Please avoid eating to your full stomach. You can also avoid non-vegetarian foods particularly meat.

Drink plenty of water: You should drink plenty of clean water daily. You can drink about 3 litres of water daily. You can start your day drinking two glasses of water in the morning in empty stomach. Good clean water is good for your heath.

Physical exercises: It is very important to do physical exercises daily. If you are young you can do heavy exercises but if you are 40 plus, it is better do simple exercises. Brisk walking is a must. You can do exercises for about 1 hour every day. However if you feel any discomfort, you should consult your doctor.

Yoga and Pranayama: The benefits of Yoga and Pranayama are indeed huge. That is why more and more people are practicing Yoga and Pranayama all over the world. Yoga and Pranayama can help you to maintain sound health and enhance your life span. You can learn them under the guidance of  yoga expert.

Lifestyle: You should avoid smoking. Smoking affects almost all parts of your body. You should also avoid drinking too much of alcohol. In general avoid all bad habits that can cause health problems. Please avoid nurturing grudges, jealousy and so on.

Be positive: It is important to stay positive. It can make a lot of difference. If you live with negative thoughts, you can never achieve anything in life. It is better to stay away from negative people. Young people are naturally positive.

Avoid stress: Today we are living in a fast world. We always have a lot of commitments, targets and busy schedules that make our lives highly stressful. Stress can cause hypertension and other health problems. A soothing music, Yoga and Pranayama can help you to remove stress. Sex with your spouse can also help you to beat stress.

Don’t be idle: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. If you are idle, it can cause negative effects on you. If you are busy doing something useful, it can help you to maintain good physical and mental health.

Laughter: You are aware that “laughter is the best medicine”. If you could laugh loudly every day, it can help to relieve your stress naturally. You can watch comedy programs on television daily. You can spend time with humorous people daily.

Summary:  Good eating habits, good physical exercising habits and good lifestyle can help you to live a healthy and happy life. It can increase your overall performance as well and increase your productivity. You can live long and happily. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Excellent article! I agree with everything you have written and I think if more people practiced healthier eating habbits with proper excercise etc… there would be a lot less sick people in the world today.

  2. This is a super article. I will have to look back at it, as there are some helpful tips on here that I’d like to review when I have some more time. I watched one of the videos, but I’m going to get back to watch the others. I want to look into this. But it’s almost midnite. I have to get some rest.

  3. Very informative and useful stuff.

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  6. Very informative post and good tips. I’ll take a second look at Yoga. That is the area I am lacking.

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  13. Brilliant tips for a healthy lifestyle!

  14. You are so right. It really doesn’t take much to live healthily.

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  19. Nice to see that you enclosed Yoga and Pranayam clips with the post. Thanks for an informative share.

  20. Yes, SimplyShash, yoga and pranayama are very important.thanks.

  21. This being the start of a brand new year, these are great tips to be healthier this year.

  22. An excellent article. I enjoyed reading your article.It is very informative.

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