Six Components of Health

The six components of health, and examples of how they can be applied.

Self-Evaluation of Six Components of Health

Having a good health is very essential as health is what keeps us well and going every day. A good health will consist of you always improving on the six components of health. The six components of health are able to help us maintain and improve our health with a guideline.  The six components of health are physical health, emotional health, social health, mental health, spiritual health, and environment health. With these six components I will have a guide to optimal health, and how we can take charge of our health.

The first component of health is physical health. Physical health is being active, like playing sports, going to the gym, etc. It is also, eating healthy, staying away from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other negative things. My own physical health on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being low and 10 being high I would say my physical health is at a 7. Because I would be going to practice 5 days a week, staying away from alcohol and all that stuff, and at times work out and just be active rather than sitting on a couch. I’m not always so sometimes it gets away from me to go out and do just a little work. There are quite a few things I can improve on and that is getting out a bit more, and putting more effort into what I do. I could even maybe create a planner to help me keep track, and slowly increase the speed at effort.

The second component is emotional health. Emotional health is being able to express your emotions without being overwhelmed or angered, having a pleasant way to deal to bad emotions, and being constructive in that though. Again based on the scale I would rate my emotional health at a 5. I’m not so great with handling angry emotions I have to let it out, usually in not so pleasant of a way. I don’t feel overwhelmed but sometimes I am able to control and other times not. To improve this I think I could just find a way like make a joke, laugh it out, or find some constructive way to let the emotions out rather than being overwhelmed.

Third we have social health. Social health is be positive and strong, being able to express needs to others, and having a strong relationship with friends, teachers, and others you know.  Once again using the scale of 1 to 10 my social health is at a 9. I’m able to express my needs to others not worrying about what they will think of me or what not. I am able to have a strong relationship with everyone I meet and able to maintain it. Very rarely though is it that I have an issue with others, and end up no breaking but lessening the relationship for some time, but am able to fix it sooner or later. I think this is one of the hardest components in health to improve because of popularity, and other drama creating more issues with more people, resulting in emotional health to go down and others.

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