Six + One Motivating WAY of Life

The important thing to note is that a life without problems is dead. Each person must have experienced hard times. But being optimistic will motivate you having a difficult time is essential to achieve greater things in life.

1. Always be grateful

             Always be grateful is a form of respect for the creator. Whatever situation we are experiencing, if we are always grateful will undoubtedly always be a blessing. There is always a lesson in an event.

   2.      Imagine the beauty of the past, nostalgia

             The wonderful thing is always strengthens us. It turned out that God never sleeps. If we now are experiencing things that do not wear, it is a lesson that we should be more loving of our lives.

    3.      Remember that as long as he is pressed he will be more creative

             At the moment we are facing pressures, our brain will be forced to think much more than when we’re relaxed. When it is, it should come out positive energy, thereby removing ideas, sometimes crazy, because we never imagined before. Anyway, always optimistic and confident.

   4.      Read the stories of successful people

             Stories of successful people always dream of every person. Not uncommon that until inspire. Dream and waking, and then chase the dream. (Anggun C. Sasmi)

   5.      Remain calm in any situation

             A state of panic makes people uneasy in thinking. Because it calm down, when things really difficult for you. If we can not avoid these problems, but at least minimize the occurrence that will befall us.

   6.      Do the things that you like

             Hobby, yes, do something in accordance with the hobby. Eg Fishing, Photos, Drawing, etc..

             Just do something, do something or nothing. Do or not at all, then you will never get anything.

             Then the only plus is

   7.      Make your business slogan undergo, accompanying prayers, God is finished

             We should be optimistic to do something. Landasilah with prayer, and be with the belief that all grace comes from God. God is not a member of what we ask, but what we need.

             Ok, all friends, that some of the things that trigger my spirit to go on living. Hope can be an afterthought for us all. And please input from fellow bloggers all.


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