Spiteful People

There are individuals who rather be mean to others than do the right thing. It’s sad that people choose to be spiteful instead of being kind.

What do people get out of being spiteful? Does being spiteful make them feel better? People who are spiteful are not happy with themselves and they are miserable inside. These type of people want people to suffer in the way that they did. They can’t stand to see people enjoying life and will try to sabotage anyone’s success. Being spiteful will only cause grief. Those who indulge in spiteful behaviors are setting themselves up for failure. In order to protect yourself from those who have intentions of harming another for gratification, one must acknowledge what it is and remove themselves from the situation.

People have choice. They can choose to display good behaviors or they may choose to display bad behaviors. They may believe that they are entitled to things that they really are not. They may have difficulties trying to be nice because they have indulge themselves in such destructive behaviors for so long. it is essential that they get help for such behaviors. Being spiteful is a choice but it maybe a part of ones character. Those who have personality disorders display spiteful behaviors. They may often think about getting revenge if someone has upset them.

Many people come in contact with spiteful people. Many may ignore their behaviors, ignoring them will not stop the individuals from acting out. You must consider your time spent with these individuals. You may have to remove friendships or even dismiss marriages. Spiteful people are only creating destruction in their everyday lives. You may try and convince them that their behavior is unhealthy but if they are not willing to change their behaviors than what you have to say is mute.

You must engage in healthy activities and try and avoid those who continue to be spiteful. People must learn how to be kind and friendly. There is no need for people to try and harm others to satisfy their low self-esteem. People who display spiteful behaviors will only change if they are willing to work at it. Many enjoy acting out because they feel that they are superior to others. If they want healthy lives, spiteful individuals must engage in sensible behaviors.

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  1. Even a paid motivational speaker could not have said this better.

  2. I would never be in the company of a spiteful person…

  3. As you say, you can never change a spiteful person. The best you can do is stay away from them, and in some cases you can’t even do that because they are members of the family. If that’s the case, it’s best to respond to them not at all. Just keep your cool.

  4. I like to stay away from these type people. I like peace and harmony.

  5. Everyone won’t learn to be kind and giving. Life has taught some people to be spiteful and it’s best to avoid those who are stuck in their ways.

  6. Just leave spiteful people alone. you just boycott them and this may help them to become more sensible.

  7. Thank for share. I thought for sure I left a comment on this article .

  8. Thanks for sharing

  9. indeed.

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