Stop The Cycle of Self Abuse

Sometimes you are harder on yourself than others. It is time to give yourself a break.

As you gain strength…feel better, wiser and smarter…There will be someone with a sense of low self esteem or feel intimidated that may challenge your new self worth.

 They may make you start to doubt yourself or lose faith, esteem or feel intimidated that may challenge your new self worth. They may make you start to doubt yourself or lose faith.

Don’t let it happen. Don’t lose faith in you. Don’t let someone else’s stuff get in the way of finding yourself. You have a journey to complete, keep going. If they truly love you they will support you and be right by your side not try to block you, pull you back or doom you to failure.

Be careful of the ones with no goals and content to stay where they are or scared of change. For change scares some people. Success can put fear into people. while you are reaching for the stars they are content to laying back just looking at them. Your reaching causes insecurity and instability. It could also make them feel you may move on and ahead.

That is their issue, their own stuff, not a reality unless they make it one. You can continue as a team unless their fear causes it to become fact. You have a purpose. The purpose is to become the best you that you can be. A person that truly respects you would only want that for you as well. For that is real love.

They would be right by your side on that journey, pulling you when it gets tough. Not pushing you down.

Dont let them drive you into self pity or feeling worthless. That is destructive. That gives them control over you. People that are unhappy want you unhappy. Misery does love company because you will see once you start feeling good that person becomes uneasy and confused. Instead of following your lead they will try to drag you back into their comfort zone.

Dont let it happen!!! Be aware of who you have on your journey. where they stand while you are on it. It is your world. You are in control of it. Control who you let in it as well

Stop the cycle of self abuse…Give yourself the greatest gifts that only you can give yourself.


You ARE worth it !!!!

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