Relief from stress.

Stress can gear us up to meet a challenge. it makes us perform actions that we never have believed that we are capable of. Problems take place when stress becomes uncontrollable and when our body fail to relax. Small doses of stress are easier to control than the large amounts of stress so it’s better to manage our stress daily to reduce the stressful triggers in life and to control our response to the stresses that are unavoidable.

Making time to communicate with your friends and love ones is important in reducing stress. Also, cultivating godly qualities helps reduce stress. If their is no available person that you can talk to or share your problems with, you can have God and have a confidential talk with Him. we also have physical, mental, and emotional limits and we cannot do everything we want to do, and that’s the time that only our God can help us.

A person with a good family and social support tend to cope better with stress compared to those who just keep it with their selves. It is also important to have a sense of humor in dealing with stress. Laughing is both refreshing and healthful because the body produces endorphins when we laugh and relieve our stress.

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