Study: U.s. Out of Every Five Study: U.s. Out of Every Five Wounded Mental Illness Last Year Last Year

- a government report released revealed on Thursday that the U.S. every five American adults, or about 50 million suffered from mental illnesses in the last year and had the young women and a large share in this suffering.

The study, conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and mental health services that women are more likely than men to suffer mental illness by 23 percent to 16.8 percent, while the rate of mental illness among young people aged between 18 and 25 twice, aged 50 years and older.

I knew the administration of mental illness among adults as mental disorders, behavioral or emotional disorders can be diagnosed other than growth and drug abuse.

The study found that five percent of U.S. adults or 11.4 million people suffered a mental illness serious interference in their lives dramatically in the last year.

The report said about 8.7 million American adults think seriously about suicide in the same period and 2.5 million people develop plans for suicide and attempted suicide, 1.1 million people.

The Americans who suffer from mental illness are more prone to drug abuse or addiction of healthy adults by three to one.

And among those aged between 12 and 17 years was eight percent, or 1.9 million teenagers to severe bout of depression, known exposure of the person of the state of depression or loss of interest for a period of at least two weeks.

The rate of use of those who suffered from depression, weakness of narcotic drugs than those who were not exposed to depression.

The study included 67,500 people aged 12 years or more in all parts of the United States.

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