Taking for Granted

Only Human Nature.

Its only human nature, that when ones life begins to become a routine, where the same things are carried out everyday, that spouses tend to take each other for granted. The system of the routine not only bores the mind mentally, but it goes on auto pilot, and kind or sincere words or actions are forgotten to be exchanged.

The many reasons that couples grow apart are also due to the mundane lifestyle that they sink into after a period of time. Where changes do not occur often, nor is the effort to make the change visible, with the probability of the busy lifestyle and routine that has already taken up too much of the couple’s time each.

It becomes more apparent that when a couple has been living together for some years, or been together for a long period of time. The romance dies out, and the relationship becomes a black, white and grey portrait. There are studies that recommend couples to make the effort to spend at least a day or two together as a couple, whether it is a candle light dinner or a trip over the weekend. However, couples do find excuses to not be able to make the effort, due to having young children or a busy work schedule. 

However, what couples really need to do, is just to be aware of each others existence and presence. To remember to do the little things for each other on a daily basis. Not talking so much about sexual contact with each other, but rather, to remember to be kind, polite and courteous to one another. The occasional thank you or I love you, will not take an hour out of ones busy schedule to say. Although there are gentlemen and good wives who exist in this world, there are those who also forget to open the door for their girlfriend or spouse, those who forget to help with carrying or buying the groceries, and not to forget those who always forget plans, favours and extra duties. 

There are times when the relationship becomes one sided. Where the other party is not appreciated of the things he/she does, taking for granted that it is the ’job’ of the spouse to do certain things, like clean up after everyone, make the bed, prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even throw the trash. It then becomes unbearable for the spouse who feels like he/she does everything, while the other does nothing, and or complains when things are not done, but doesn’t lift a finger to assist. 

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