Talk to Yourself with Positivity

Change the way you think and feel with the power of positive self-talk.

It’s a fact that we do indeed spend the entire day talking to ourselves. While we may not be wandering around chuntering on out loud, or even aware that we are doing it, we are constantly thinking things over in our minds and trying to reach a comfortable resolution.

Apart from the thoughts of what to cook for dinner and how much washing you have to do this weekend, our self-talk thoughts are more often than not negative, which hinders a persons’ ability to fulfil their potential for the entire day.

Most negative thoughts are brought about by bad experiences that have perhaps had an effect on confidence or self-esteem. We then naturally begin to think that we are not good enough and then begins the spiral of self-talk that has a very negative effect on how we perceive things on a daily basis.

Negative self-talk can leave you feeling unhappy, uncomfortable and lacking in motivation, but with a few changes in the way you think, you can turn this negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

The negative thoughts we have tend to focus on a lack of self-worth, some of the most popular negative thoughts are along the lines of;

‘It’s impossible’ … ‘I can’t do this’ … ‘I just don’t have what it takes’ … ‘I never get anything right’

Rather than focusing on what you feel you cannot achieve, turn your thoughts around and you will be surprised at the impact it has on your day to day life. In most cases it is our thoughts that motivate our actions and if you are thinking with negativity, you are only going to produce negativity and so the spiral continues.

There is no doubt that positive self-talk has a huge influence over how we deal with certain things in life. If you are generally a more positive person you are more likely to be able to cope with sudden changes better as well as the general daily pressures that we all feel on a regular basis.

Practising positive self-talk is a must to help you crawl out of the seemingly endless and depressing whirl that you are in. You don’t need to be standing in front of the mirror to do it, in fact you can positive self-talk anywhere, whenever you feel the need to use it.

Here is a short list if the positive things you can say to yourself either last thing at night before falling asleep, or first thing on a morning to give yourself a boost;

‘I am good enough’

‘I am capable enough’

‘I will never give up’

‘I am strong enough’

‘I have absolute faith in myself and my abilities’

‘I can do it’

‘I will assume 100% responsibility for my own life’

By practising positive self-talk and holding yourself upright, with a smile on your face, will work to enhance the way you feel about your life or current situation. It will also make you a stronger individual and make you more outwardly approachable.

Remember; positivity attracts positivity!

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  1. I agree. :) This idea is also similar with the advocacy of the book “The Secret”. The secret is “positivity”. :) )

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and add a comment. Much appreciated, thank you :)

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