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A few things that bug a teenager.

Now that you all got to know i me i let you on some things that as a teenager bugs us.

First probably one of the hugest in the world is saying something when your upset or sad or anything for them to tell you to take 10 deep breaths that just makes things worse because no one really in the world wants to be told what to do especially when they are upset or sad.

A quick fact 75% of teens go through depression or atleast mild cases of depression. Part of being a teenager is just growing up and finding out things that you have to do and big responsibilites that you have to take care of, you have a lot of stuff thats going on in your life school,home life, family,friends, relationship troubles and half of these things you dont even want to even try to fix because you know it might just spit back in your face, And most American teens need to learn from this. That it is not about the problems that you are facing its about getting through them. Most teenagers don’t believe in themselves and think that they are not strong enough to deal with all these things but in reality they could deal with all thoughs things plus more, they just need the motivation. So parents if you see that your child is going through a hard time please just cut them some slack, we all know that their are things to be done that need to be done, but if you could just give them time to figure out what is going on in their life that would be wonderful. If they really look like they need help try talking to them but other wise if they don’t come to you then try to stay out of it because most of the time when parents try to get involved it just makes them upset.

Their are to many teens these days that feel alone and thats a humongise thing about growing up is feeling alone in all of your problems and feeling like you cant handle it. But let me tell all of you teens out their and even adults. You can do anything you set your mind to not because your superman or superwoman but becausee you are amazing in your own way and we all need to show off are amazingness to the world. And another thing dont ever let anyone get you done because you are a strong person that can get through anything in life!

I Love You All!!!!

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