Thank You Triond Members

Out of the blue this morning I received a message form one of my friends on Triond (momofplenty). The message was quite simple she just wanted to know how I was getting on. I know of no other social networking site where this happens and for a recently retired person this type of personal contact is worth a million dollars. This story is my personal story of thanks to you all.

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  1. Wow dude.
    That’s awesome.

    I wish I was you, I could focus on writing, just writing and writing.. damn that would be great. But, I need to worry about income and I spend a large amount of my time working diligently here on Triond and only get to put around 5 – 10% of my time here just writing.

    This is a difficult site, when you need income, it’s a grind. It’s a good grind chasing a rainbow. The authors here which I have had the opportunity to read their work, are with me in some sense or form while I work, I see names and images come in my head.

    I do not feel alone. I feel a part, a belonging and longing, I feel annoying, but I am OK with that :D

    But I wish I was you. :D

  2. Awe, Steve, you gave me goosebumps… I am so glad that you have found Triond. you write very well, with passion, humor and real emotion. I honored to be your friend and to share knowledge ( as you have far more than I). This is my tear face ~_~, A tear of joy for you.

  3. You are a great writer & I’m sure you will do great here at Triond. I myself really enjoy your articles (although I don’t comment enough, I know it).

    Retirement can be hard, I remember when my mom retired, she was worried she will be bored & will have nothing to do. Today she run a full day schedule, and she is so busy that we set meeting time for grandchildren at least a week before the meeting. I guess it depends in the person & with his motivation.

    People like you won’t get bored, you will just continue to share your knowledge with us.

  4. great article my friend,
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  5. Dear Steve, my husband always told me there are work friends and real friends, I am blessed to have a few and I know exactly how you feel and i consider you a friend, I appreciate all your comments and I love your writing Keep it going love Lauralu (:

  6. This article brought tears to my eyes, Steve, you are a fantastic human being and a brilliant person, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet you on here, and all of the other wonderful people on here who form this wonderful Community.

    I am glad that this opportunity has come around for you, and my sincerest love and best wishes to your wonderful wife, your family and friends and yourself, and all the very best for your future writing adventures, you have a fan for life here.. me!! :-)

    Thank you to everyone of you who reads my comment.

    Yours Sincerely,

  7. I retired from teaching. Was a little lost at first, then started writing for a few sights. Triond has by far the most caring people. So proud to call them friends. So glad to have you as a friend, Steve. We are so lucky to be in the company of such wonderful people!

  8. We will be looking at retirement in the next ten years and I understand that it can be stressful. Wonderful to see such candor—

  9. I’m glad you found something fulfilling in writing – I’ve found it too, Triond’s payouts aren’t what keeps me coming back.

  10. LOL and best wishes for you and we are not alone because of our friends here.please smile please he he he he.
    Thanks and hope smile come on your face dear steve

  11. LOL and best wishes for you and we are not alone because of our friends here.please smile please he he he he.
    Thanks and hope smile come on your face dear steve..

  12. Great article, full of emotion, good sense, and satisfaction – which is not a bad combination. Keep it up!

  13. I missed this article on my newsfeed yesterday and I’m so glad I checked in on your homepage to see what you had written recently.
    It bought a lump to my throat and I’m so happy that you are getting so much out of writing on here.
    I love reading your work. It is always so well written and often packed full of humour.
    How great you can have such wit when you have clearly suffered.
    A true example to us all

  14. This is a brilliant and honest article and I know how it feels when someones calls up out of blue or emails a simple, friendly question so as to know how one’s getting on. It’s priceless! Be healthy. Keep drink at bay and write many more like this one. One never knows where it can lead us if we take an aim seriously. Good share!

  15. Enjoyed this, thank you.

  16. We all need a passion in life, life cannot be all about work, we need to find something to do so when we retire we can live for ourselves.

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