The Actors with Mental Disorders

The actors have no escape from such problems. Many of them have managed to continue her film career thanks to treatments and therapies. Others, however, have sad endings and forever deprived us of seeing them on the big screen.

Here are some examples of big stars who suffer or have suffered mental illness.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

We just saw the actress at the Tony Awards return to theater after a few months ago confessed that he suffered from bipolar disorder.

After being treated at a clinic for several weeks, the actress announced his illness to help others. “If you make public that I have bipolar II disorder has helped someone, then it was worth. There is no need to suffer in silence or embarrassed to ask for help,” said the actress. Apparently, the illness of her husband Michael Douglas, who just recovered from throat cancer, he came to greatly affect the mental health of the actress.

Today, Catherine is already much better and has returned to work.

Ben Stiller

The actor has always been ambiguous when talking about his illness. In an interview in 1999, Stiller had recognized that bipolar disorder, a disease that was common among members of his family.

However, in subsequent interviews, tried to recant and said he had spoken in jest. The actor, soon after he returned to admit I had a depressive disorder and was taking medication. In recent years there has been no reference to their mental health.

Jean Claude Van Damme

In 1997 Van Damme was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The diagnosis came just as the actor was disengaging from an addiction to cocaine. Jean Claude was very depressed because his career was in full decline and was even having suicidal thoughts.

Gradually, the actor began to feel better. As stated: “You just have to take medication. When I do feel like all the water moved in circles of violence becomes a gentle lake.”

Carrie Fisher

A Princess Leia of ‘Star Wars’ was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 24. As she testified, initially thought his abnormal behavior caused by the coming large amount of drug consumed. “I thought it was just a drug addict,” said the actress. The actress also said he had a hard time getting used to taking medication.

Demi Lovato

Disney star says the way Catherine Zeta-Jones explained what inspired him was wrong to speak publicly about his illness. She decided last April to set aside his career temporarily to treat bulimia been dragging on for years and bipolar disorder has been diagnosed recently.

Heath Ledger

The actor was suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia. The Joker of ‘The Dark Knight died of a drug overdose. Some people close to the actor claimed that the role of Batman wrong with him psychologically and had affected much worse their sleep problems.

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