The Craziest and Most Horrific Things Your Brain Can Do

You hate for your brain to turn you on this horrific way without warning. Even though you’re physically healthy, you never know that this mental illness or mental disorder can mess your life up in a terrifying way and can later drive you mad.


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Apotemnophilia is an unusual medical condition in which the sufferer has a strong sexual interest to amputate their body part, especially legs, even though they didn’t need to have the legs amputated for any medical reason. They’re not physically sick, and yet they simply would like to have their healthy legs cut off/removed in an attempt to achieve happiness. This sound weird though! I really can’t understand why would they want their healthy legs or arms to be cut off?

Fregoli Delusion

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Fregoli syndrome, also called Fregoli delusion is a rarely seen disorder which is associated with a brain lesion and is always perceived as paranoid in nature. People with this disorder behold a delusional belief that different people are actually the same person who appears in a variety form of disguises. This syndrome was first documented in a paper by P. Courbon and G. Fail in 1927 which discussed a case study of a 27-year-old female who believed she was being persecuted by two actors who came to pursuit her closely by taking the form of people she meets or knows.

Cotard Delusion

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They hold a delusional belief that they’re already dead and don’t exist in this world, and they believe that a body is no longer belongs to theirs; they see their body is rotting away; no blood and internal organs are inside the body, and sometimes they may perceive that they had been taken to the hell. This is a description of those who suffer from a medical condition called Cotard delusion or Cotard’s syndrome. This delusional belief was named after a French neurologist called Jules Cotard who initially described the condition in 1880. This disorder can also arise in the circumstance of mental illness or neurological illness which is normally associated with derealisation and depression.


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  1. Really very nice…thanks…

  2. Very weird mental conditions indeed. Interesting article, Chan.

  3. Gosh. These are really weird disorders. Weird and scary. It sure will be hard on the victim as well as their families.

  4. wow thats some crazy stuff.. thanks for sharing got my liked :)

  5. Well presented, my friend! My heart goes out to those who suffer from these afflictions.

  6. Man don’t I learn something new every day.

  7. This is a very interesting and informative article. I have a distant relative with a mental disorder in which she believes that everyone is trying to kill her. Even believes that there is a bomb under an old car in her garage and refuses to let anyone near it. Thanks for sharing this information. People should be more aware of these kinds of disorders!

  8. Crazy indeed! When the brain suffers injury it seems many weird things can occur to the unfortunate person.

  9. Quite an interesting article. Our son has bipolar disorder and he can be a handful if he didn’t take his medications. Mental illness is hard for the person and their family. Well done.

  10. Thanks for a series of great stuffs from you lately. These mental diseases are really horrible.

  11. Chan, it would be unfortunate to become afflicted with any of these mental disorders. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Crazy, indeed! Great compilation of mental disorders..

  13. the BRAIN IS UNFATHOMABLE AS MUCH AS U R WORK IS GR88888888////8888888888

  14. This is a very interesting article, Chan. I didn’t know about these mental disorders. Thanks for letting us know about them and for letting us know what to do if we know anyone who suffers from these disorders.

  15. Wow Chan!! This is fascinating yet the disorders are scary too. Your article is full of interesting material. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas,

  16. Chan,
    Wow this is an amazing article fill with interesting information. These disorders i have never heard of before. thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas,

  17. Great research and compilation of mental disorders.

  18. What a wonderful article, this was a great read.

  19. Great post! very strange indeed. Nicely done my friend..I liked it!

  20. Scarry and strange indeed! Great post.

  21. Apotemnophilia was featured once in CSI and I could hardly believe somebody would develop an ailment as such as this. Well done my friend. So it pays reminding ourselves who we really are. Meditation and prayers, sure helps.

  22. wow very interesting!

  23. nah… been there – done that :) LOL..

    p.s. I really enjoyed reading your article. Take care :)

  24. I had a stroke so I guess I have brain damage.
    OK I sleep and all is OK and everything is dark,all lights off.
    Then while sleeping i se my living room and kitichen and everything is so clear and all lights are on.
    The poof,I pop awake an dall is dark.
    Another thing is sometimes I stare up and then my eyes seem to freeze and I lay there thinking I am dead and I can see me laying down looking up and I hear myself ask if I died.
    Very strange.
    When eyes are closed I see so many weired things of all colors and now I look forward to that as it seems to put me to sleep.
    Strange? Yes.
    Am I nuts/crazy?
    I feel normal an dhave no mental problems that my doctor is aware of

  25. Hi olly,

    If you have a stroke, then you should be very careful on your eating pattern. Make sure that you increase the intake of vegetables, fruits (more in plant-based foods), good fats (such as omega-3, olive oil and antioxidants) , plenty of water, exercise regularly and have an adequate amount of good quality sleep/ rest. Be sure to cut the intake of animal-based foods, salt, sugar, sugary and salty foods,canned foods, processed foods and dairy products. By doing so, you can help improve your existing condition.

    Lastly, be positively thinking, this will help you live better. Don\’t worry too much, try to relax your body and mind. God bless you and you\’ll feel better.


  26. Dear Dr.
    Sorry for the delay but I think the site has changed.
    Well I do my best.
    The stroke left me with severe pain -Nerpoathy? so walking is difficult but I still try to be active and ride my motorcycle
    Now I developed internal bleeding so I went off the blood thinners and now have IBS,very light colored stools.
    As for your advice I am doing all I can.
    I use the Omega oil and also use wheat germ as I read it;s good for IBS.
    I have never been a junk food eater,drinker or smoker and no street drugs. Was always active.
    Now after 23 years I found my Daughter and I am a grand dad:-) So I want to keep healthy and move to FL where she is.
    Thank you and GOD BLESS you also
    Old Olly

  27. Hi Old Olly,

    Walk properly and carefully. Vigorously put on stress on your muscles is not good for your health. If you’ve stroke, then you should eat more veggie than meat. Make sure your diet not too sweet, too salty, too spicy and too sour as this may aggravate your existing health condition.

    You should always consult with the doctor since you’ve an occasional pain and internal bleeding. Don’t take life for granted but always listen to your doctor’s advice.

    Pray hard, stay well, eat well, rest well and be happy for your life.


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