The Serotonin-trick

These foods are fun.

Short days, bad weather – especially in autumn and winter, many struggling with winter depression. Why is this so and what foods help you read here.

Pasta is also one of the edible feel-good makers (Photo: Staples)

The lack of sunlight is less of happiness hormone serotonin present in blood. This messenger is needed but the brain to control our mood. Super: The right foods can compensate for the lack of serotonin.
In banana, pineapple, papaya and avocado as a biogenic amine serotonin plugged directly into the fruit already. Those who love to wallow in exotic surf, so the feel-good wave at the top. But the hearty tomato has it all. Extra tip: The best well-engineered fruits and vegetables prefer.

Food as a serotonin building blocks

In general, serotonin is not directly included in most foods, but is only formed in the brain from tryptophan. This vital protein building block, the body does not itself addition to meat and fish infected, plenty of it in milk, curd and cheese. Two eggs provide for more than 230 mg of tryptophan. If you prefer vegetarian sells affliction is, in cashews, Brazil nuts, amaranth, spelled, wheat germ, soybeans and vegetable happy-maker.

Turbo for tryptophan

This tryptophan into the brain in sufficient quantities is, it needs enough carbohydrates. How about a delicious serving of boiled potatoes with sour cream? Even whole grain bread, pasta, rice, maize or millet may be well with the “tryptophan bomblets” combine

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