Three Things You Can Do to Get Over a Crush

Crushes are hard to deal with and can leave you heartbroken. Here are a few things you can do if your crush doesn’t like you back.

Getting over a crush isn’t easy but you are not going to get anywhere by sulking about it. Stand up for yourself, move on with your life and do something about the crush that you have been nursing all along.

Stop thinking

The very first thing that you can do is to stop thinking about that person all the time. Your mind gets used to whatever it does all the time and if you are accustomed to thinking about something then it will be not be easy to stop doing that. However, you can change what you are thinking about by monitoring your thoughts and consciously rerouting them. Write or talk to yourself about the crush. Reason why you like the person and if he or she is the best thing for you. It gives the whole issue a practical bent and helps you deal with it better.

Do things that make you happy

Give your mind something new to do and think about. Pursue a passion, hobby or anything else that you enjoy. If you can’t think of anything, then find something new and exciting to do. Try playing video games or watching movies and develop new hobbies like star gazing or dancing. Activities that make you happy will help you get over the crush.

Take action

Are you going out of your way to help or reach out to the person you have a crush on? Are you doing anything that would hurt your self esteem now or in the long run? All relationships are based on give and take and if your crush doesn’t respect or respond to your actions, then you need to change the way you interact with them. Talk less to them, hang out with others and stop noticing them altogether if they are really snobbish. This will help you feel better immediately.

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  1. Well written piece, thank you.

  2. Very good advice; however, sometimes easier said than done.

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