Three Tips to be Quiet

Three Tips To Be Calm – Hello, pal. It was nice to update the article again. On this occasion, I will share simple tips on "3 Tips To Be Quiet".

We tend to be interested and like the people who seem seem calm. How do we actually feel more calm and confident and look like that?

Research shows that the physiological state brought to the effects of brain chemistry and eventually affect human behavior. By changing the physical state, we can change our brain chemistry and boosts our confidence. No need to linger, here are some tips to stay calm. Here’s his review:

Carbohydrates supply. Have you ever felt relaxed and calm after the fill? Various recent studies show Obsessive disorder Komplusiv (Obsesive-compulsive disorder / OCD), panic, and anxiety can be mastered by balancing blood sugar. When our body’s blood sugar is stable, the body does not produce a lot of adrenaline (the trigger anxiety) to offset fluktasi. In essence, inadequate intake of carbohydrates our bodies first, so we are not nervous.

Smile. We’ll smile when our hearts are glad. Apparently, there is also strong evidence that the act of smiling itself can alter our emotions: to make us feel happier. Various penilitian leads to the conclusion that on the one hand, the mood can change our physical circumstances, and on the other hand, the physical state can change our mood. With a smile, we can calm down and can actually feel more relaxed.

Breathing. While I was nervous, we tend to breathe irregularly and shallowly; anxiety tends to make us ‘forget’ to breathe. As a result, your body will tend to be tense and rigid. Do not stop there, make anxiety the central nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord along with the tension will tighten our muscles, the result is clear: we are getting away from a sense of calm. In essence, if you want to break away from the negative energy that erodes confidence and robs you, make it a habit to breathe deeply at any time and as often as possible.

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