Tips to Avoid Depression

Nowadays we find it very common people saying I am depressed a lot by some or the other reason, how to get rid how this depression, here are few tips for it.

Nowadays we find it very common that people say I am very depressed these days tell me what to do I am not understanding.

Depression is caused many ways it may be in the form of family pressure, work load, unwanted tensions, fear of job loss or unemployment and fear of getting failed in examination. So in this way fear leads to tension and tension leads to depression.

Here is an example to let you know how depression is caused picked from the above fear of losing job. The fear has aroused that you are going to lose your job. When you get this fear you start thinking more and more of your other dependants on your job may be family, bank loan if taken and education when you start thinking more and more of these things the tension arises when tension arises depression automatically comes and sits within you. At this moment of time you will not realize how much of valuable time you have wasted thinking of all such fictitious taughts.

 The point to be concluded is if these taughts wouldn’t have arisen then you would be performing at a better rate with full dedication and determination.

Here are a few tips or steps to be always kept in mind when you think you are in depression or in a way of depression.


  1. Try counting numbers in reverse order example [99, 98, 97, 96, 95 .......up to 1] take it has a challenge and do it. You can see that its not possible in the first attempt.
  2. Think of something that you were very happy, may be your college function, surprise gifts from your friends, or any topic or matter that make you happy, you can automatically see a smile on your face.
  3. When you are performing any job or action do not always think I should give 100% performance thinking this you are definite to make errors. Instead command your mind I will do my best.
  4. Always keep sending positive vibes to your brain which will enhance your performance.
  5. At job if you find excess stress, or you feel depressed due to any reason, take a nap for a few minutes I am sure you will feel very fresh.

If you have one positive side there will be thousand negative sides pulling you, stay on the positive side and have faith in yourself. I believe that you follow with the positive vibes after reading this.

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  1. If you have depression ask yourself what can I do about it. You have to put the effort in yourself.

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