Tired of Being Poor and Fearful

A story about not doing all you wanted in your life.

I’m sitting here tonight thinking about all the things I’ve been through and survived over the last 20 years. I received a message from a friend a few days ago reminding me of our 20 year High School reunion and I kinda took a mental travel, back in time, reminiscing about all the things I’ve experienced since my glory days of High School teenage angst. I’ve been very busy doing a whole lotta nothing. I’ve worked hard, played hard, loved hard and fell apart a few times, hard. Looking back, I realize now, that I am so not the same person I was back then but yet, somehow, I still am. I’ve a changed a lot. Mostly for the good, I feel, but somehow along the way I’ve lost a little bit of myself I wish I still had. That fearlessness. In those days I lived life in the fast lane and today I’m comfortable cruisin’ in the slow lane. How did I have that lust for life? That thirst for knowledge. Where did it go? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still love life but my priorities now, would be completely foreign to that wild child in the 80s & 90s. Where did things change so drastically?

Back then, I was OK with being poor, as long as I was having a good time. Hanging out was all that mattered. I guess it was a simpler time and life wasn’t as expensive as today so what money we did have between our circle of friends was enough. There was always a reason to celebrate or party back in those days and we did it without fear. We just lived life. We didn’t have bills to pay and kids to feed, the world hadn’t became cruel to us yet, so we thought there was plenty of time to make money to support all our hopes and dreams and future families. I think we were so stupid! Those were the days we should have been working all the time and saving, saving, saving. We were too busy caught up in the moment to think about 20 years from now. The funny thing is, it went by in a flash.

I come to understand, in my late twenties, that I should have been preparing for my old age the moment I got my first job. I know the one thing that has changed about me is I have to have my sleep now. I used to party with the best and hang out until the sun came up. Not anymore, I like to recharge my battery, father time has made it harder to recuperate from working hard or playing hard. That’s one reason why I don’t want to be poor anymore. I don’t want to work another 20 years and and let life pass me by. I need to want what my teenage self craved and apply it to earning an income that can help me succeed so that I don’t have to work so hard in 20 more years.

I may have been poor financially but I am one of the richest people alive, in love. I guess, that’s a great accomplishment but I think that knowing you are monetarily stable is a sense of well being that everyone longs to have. So join me, and stop being tired of being poor and fearful.



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  1. yeapyy

  2. Nice article with a lot of honest and truth. I think many people can relate to it. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20. Well done.

  3. Well written piece, thank you.

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  5. Perhaps you should try prayer. There are many going through what you are going through and we must take action.

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