Top 10 Stress Management Tips

What is stress management? and how to relieve stress?

Stress is your response to various stimuli (psychological, mental or emotional – internal or external), which tend to annoy us. When reactions are inappropriate, they can grow up in health problems. Doctors say that the problems associated with stress are the degradation health problems occur in various forms such as asthma, allergies, migraines and skin problems. You may surprise to know the fact that 70% to 90% of all doctor visits are attributed to stress.

Techniques and Tips for stress management:

1st: Wake up early in the morning; an hour before your family gets, so that you can prepare your mood.

2nd: Get responsibility of your work among your family and colleagues.

3rd: Relax about 30 minutes during the day, to get your head cleared and gathered strength.

4th: Take time to exercise.

5th: Do not take too much work at once.

6th: Allow yourself to feel sometimes that you are not 100% perfect.

7th: Learn to say no.

8th: Eliminate the confusions and disorders from your life.

9th: Relax your mind by listening soft music.

10th: Learn to forgive.

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