Top Five Most Common Suicide Methods

Some of us don’t want this to exist.

REMINDER: This article is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Me and the company of Triond are not responsible for any attempts to recreate the ways written here.

5.) Vehicular Impact

Some people want to go out hardcore. So they get into their car, and smash straight into something concrete. Most don’t want to believe this, but the sad truth is that this happens pretty often. As a matter of fact, according to a study done in 2008, about 20% of all car accidents are due to suicidal tendancies. Remember that the next time you have road rage.

4.) Guns

I once saw a video of a cop shooting himself in the head in front of a news camera. Suicide with guns isn’t very common because guns aren’t easy to aquire.

3.) Hanging

People do it when they’re drunk, people do it when they’re sober, people do it because they’re depressed. It’s common, because like a drug overdose, it’s easy to do, and the materials are easy to get.

2.) Drug Overdose

You know the story. A kid gets bullied, gets issued anti-depressants, and when he can no longer take it, he takes the whole month’s worth of it at once.

This happens so often that, as a matter of fact, there’s a book that’s a list of pills you can use to overdose peacefully. One of the main reasons that it happens a lot is that it’s so easy to do. The materials you need are so easy to get.

1.) Slitting Your Wrist

And of course, we have exsanguination. It’s all over the media, you see it in the news, you see it in movies, you see it in dramas. Basically, the person slits their wrist until the bleed to death. Now, exsanguination is a pretty ambiguous term, since there are other ways to bleed to death, but the most common is by slitting your wrist.

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  1. All the above can lead to a horrible long drawn out death, or even a lifetime as a cripple if they don’t go smoothly. And no method of suicide will avoid those you leave behind suffering a lifetime of sorrow and often guilt as well.

  2. These are just the most common, they aren’t the best ways.

  3. Exsanguination means \”blood extraction\” and is usually used to refer to total blood loss. It comes from \”ex\” (out) \”sanguinare\” (bleed), latin etimology. It does not mean \”slitting your wrists\”. The data on this website should be taken as a bad taste joke.

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