Treatment for Depression

Depression is very common to people from teen years to adulthood. It affects people of different races,economic status or age. It can be harmful when taken seriously. But it can be treated anyway.



   Depression is very common to people from teen years to adulthood. It affects people of different races,economic status or age. It can be harmful when taken seriously. But it can be treated anyway.


   LEXAPRO,also known as Escitalopram,is a very popular anti-depressant used to treat depression associated with mood disorders. It is proven to be safe and effective for the acute and maintenance treatment in adults and adolescents aging 12-17 years old and also for the acute treatment of anxiety in adults. Lexapro is believed to work by increasing serotonin,a substance in the brain believed to influence mood. It is available by prescription only. It is taken in 10-20mg a day as prescribed by a doctor.

   Most patients taking lexapro are saying that it is much better than any anti-depressants. But pregnant women and alcoholic ones should not take this without the consent of their doctor.

   As with any other medicines,lexapro also has some side effects which can also be tolerated. Some common side effects of the medication includes:

 - headache

 - extreme tiredness

 - nausea

 - dizziness

 - dry mouth

 - ejaculation problems

 - memory problems

   Some more serious side effects but are less common includes:

 - chest palpitations

 - difficulty sleeping

   Patients say they are having some sort of short term memory loss as a side effect of lexapro. Some kind of inability to think straight sometimes or a feeling of almost a blank mind is what they are experiencing. Some patients are doing some brain exercise just to keep their mind going and it is somewhat effective on their part. Others says no matter what they do to think,it is just blank at all. Side effects such as dizziness and nausea might go away as the body adjust to lexapro. Others such as sexual problems and dry mouth are less likely to be gone.

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  2. no need to apologize ma’am.. its the content that counts… and its a good one…

  3. Oh. That is fine!
    Love your article. The people in the last 2 photos remind me of how I have been in the last few years since my family started dying. I take the generic for lexapro, because that is what the VA offers. Now I am seriously wondering if my terrible forgetfulness lately is from the medication.

  4. Helping people with depression is admirable :) I think it’s always worth looking at natural means with food and herbs before turning to drugs though.

  5. Great article and very informative… thanks for sharing.

  6. Informative post.

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  8. Lexapro is probably a good medicine for depression, with a prescription from a doctor of course.

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  10. Thanks for the information. I think it is important to try to tackle depression. I agree with Lapasan that one should consult a doctor first.

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    this article is very helpful for those who are depressed..

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  15. Well presented fact.That’s a really strong medication to have side effects like that.

  16. I don’t like the side effects associated with these drugs. It makes me wary of them, especially for children with depression.

  17. It’s important for everybody to learn about depression. I’m glad you wrote this article! Thanks for the share!

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    very well written madam… very informative post… :-]

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  21. oh dear i could not get along with citalopram as it gave me hullucinations, nightmares and i was tired all the time. I suppose it affects different people in different ways. I prefer Prozac.

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  23. thank you for sharing, this is a very important topic.

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  26. Interesting. As much as we can help it, it is better to treat depression in a natural way. The side effects of this drug are in themselves already depressing LOL!

  27. Very nice share, thanks for the same.

  28. There are other treatments that will surely help people suffering from depression. It is love, care and understanding by the people around them. Sometimes what depressed people only need is a hand to hold on and an ear to listen. We must let them feel that they are love and care for. Most of all we must lead them in God’s way. A very nice article though. :)

  29. For guys..alcohol does..

  30. Mm Good post…. I remember when Lithium was the choice drug of the day. EEp.

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  32. Never had depression so find it hard to empathise, this gave some really useful insights, thanks

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  34. A good drug review, sis :) Thumbs up!

  35. The best medicine for depression is YOGA
    without medicine you can 100% cure with prenayanam

    i recovered fully with the help of yoga in just one month

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